. . . in maintaining your commitment to commence and to celebrate, to shake and remake the foundations of this institution and of other institutions like it—the universities and museums and galleries, especially, that constitute the art world, thereby providing the ethical and aesthetic foundations for the world we have and the world we want to have. That’s another ever-widening gap we also have to mind, with all of our creative energy and contemplative intensity, with all our love of beauty and our hatred of brutality. This commitment to rock and remake the foundations of the world must be our constant study and this is why we can never talk of school being over but only of its constant rebeginning, that ongoing commencement that we gather here, en masse, to celebrate today.

Fred Moten

Fred Moten, Sermon of the Non-Reponse (New Haven: Yale School of Art, 2019), pp. 20–1.

Bryce Wilner