In writing the script and the story for Master Rock, Maria Fusco combined her original writing with archival materiality and topographical reportage to bring together geology, mythology and technology to tell the epic story of the hollowing out of the mountain during the creation of Cruachan Power Station. She created three fictional voices from her research: John Mullholland from the Tunnel tigers, the Irish explosives experts who emptied out the mountain to build the power station; Elizabeth Falconer, the amateur artist who created a marquetry mural inside that only the site’s workers ever see; and Granite, the 450 million year-old rock of Cruachan itself as a main character. The research materials that Maria had gathered were great: documentary photography of the construction, portraits of the tunnel tigers, geological maps... We worked closely with her to weave these into the texts. The contrast between these archival materials, and the legends told through Falconer’s mural, created an interesting dynamic.

Sarah Baugh