"The original class and community values, once so fundamental within the creation of patches and darning and worn out, sweating raggedness, are lost almost entirely. The stains, repairs, and shreds become abstract aesthetic sources for design creativity. This is, however, not a case of cross cultural appropriation, described by Jennifer Ayres as 'fundamentally about race, privilege and power.' It is about class appropriation, firstly by avant-garde art and design-educated creators working within elite fashion design circles who are reinterpreting rural poverty through their twentieth- to twenty-first-century fashion designer eyes, well-aware of current street styles. Robin Healy describes this interest as a 'fascination with the aesthetics of decay … seeking the patina of the worn and discarded.'"

~ Lou Taylor (https://www.fashionstudies.ca/the-several-lives)

Seán ⠀