dark matters sfpc fall 2019 digital zine

This zine is the collective project of the critical theory of technology class for the Fall 2019 term, which contains original writing, design and illustration by SFPC students. The title of the critical theory class, taught by American Artist and Teaching Assistant Tsige Tafesse, was “Dark Matters: Blackness, Surveillance, and the Whiteness of the Screen” and included readings from authors Simone Browne, David Naguib Pellow and Lisa Sun-Hee Park, Wendy Chun, and Jackie Wang. The full curriculum is online at https://github.com/0ld-h3ad/DarkMatters-Fall2019. Sharing a namesake with Simone Browne’s Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness, this class sought accountability to our mutual histories, taking a critical focus on identity, visibility, opacity, obfuscation, and automation, and how one reckons with the contention of their own body in public and in private. Together we questioned how to remain critical of legacy power structures that are embedded in the devices we interface with daily.

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