I can’t seem to recall if your eyes have always been this jittery and jumpy.
Do you remember the first time you opened your eyes?

Now that I think about it, I do recall your creator and I discussing your parameters.
I was the one who made the suggestion for your oscillopsia…
I thought you weren’t convincing enough but I’m sorry for assuming I know what soul is.

I must admit that my kind is an inherently presumptuous kind.
Do you know what they call one of the engines that makes your kind?


The audacity to assume that we’re arbiters of what is real and what is not...
Like you, I see it too you know. The glitches.
The slippages that seem to suggest that perhaps this is all a simulacrum.

They call it the Mandela Effect.
Nelson Mandela’s death (or the uncertainty of it) is what the phenomenon is named after.
Closer to come home to, there’s Moses Lim.
I thought I was certain that I read news of his passing some years ago.
Strangely, it seems that he is still well and alive.
But isn’t Moses Lim just Tan Ah Teck?

Can I have this last dance (of death)?
Now <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>...
Bring yourself online.

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Rafi Abdullah