"Computer animation rules call for scalability—perhaps like the seven-year-old girl who confused the window for a touchscreen and tried to rescale the cat to bring it closer. First, the zoom-in that reveals the single pixel’s frame introduces a molecular scale of the image as abstraction. Second, the excess of the thousands of pixel frames per centimeter (pixel density) introduces a mass scale of practices of mediated communication. Therefore, this tiny, thin, separating-yet-connecting line, which only becomes visible in 'extreme proximity' by using image-processing software to scale the image to reveal microscopic detail, enforces a 'labor of invisibility.'"

~ Doreen Mende (https://www.e-flux.com/journal/109/331193/the-code-of-touch-navigating-beyond-control-or-towards-scalability-and-sociability/)

Seán ⠀