Final Submissions are due by Friday October 16 5:00pm
Alongside each exhibition students are required to submit a body of support material
that provides insight into the trajectory of each group exhibition and also aspects of
their individual research. Students may use any combination of work blogs, websites,
hardcopy workbooks and other appropriate means to document and support
submissions. Supporting material should include, but is not limited to, the generation
of artist statements, group proposals, logistical plans, and textual support including
artistic and theoretical reference material.

Submissions should include:
• All documentation of the developmental process – this may include (but is not
limited to) all site visits, installation tests, communication documents…
• Art and Design reference material and contextual support material.
• Documentation of the realised exhibition.
• Examples of any ephemera produced in conjunction with the groups’ project.
• A critical response to at least two exhibitions on in the Wellington region during
the trajectory of this assignment.
• An individual reflective document from each student within each group – this
should engage critically with the process and outcome of the project.

Cameron Edwards