That's so lovely to hear! I feel like if I had a wedding I'd also want to keep it small, but can imagine there could be pressure to make it big. Sounds like a really wonderful time :^)

haha I always love learning about how people shift their focuses in life drastically for one reason or another - this, I feel, ties well into the importance of play/exploration & the myth of linear living. You make a very cogent point about how so much of how we feel about our computing/digital experiences is rooted in the state of mind we bring to them. I'm again put in mind of the way in which flying in an airplane can feel like a mundane task to, say, business people who travel frequently, but could alternatively be approached as an awe-inspiring act of flying through the sky in a giant metal bird across vast distances with a group of people from around the world. This may sound a little hokey, but I sincerely think that when we reconnect with the incredible power and versatility of computer/web magic, we also reconnect with the wonder of being alive. And much of that feeling, in my view, is rooted in play/exploration - which can both be fun and spiritually/intellectually rewarding in my experience in a way that purely utilitarian/transactional approaches fail to offer. Anyway, I'll stop myself there before I get too deep on some philosophical tangent and say that "ariadne's thread" resonated with me deeply - and it's always very cool to find more fascinating people who are also here in the

Isn't HTML Energy awesome?? I really hope they're able to continue on and grow!

Yeah, you've got it right about what I meant by computers being overly 'abstract'. I basically mean that people outside of 'tech' almost never talk about computers directly anymore, unless they're frustrated with a problem that they're struggling to troubleshoot - which, I would argue, almost always stems from a lack of computer talk/literacy. I think we really need to bring the term "personal computing" back into popular usage, because it is so personal. It might sound like a bit of a stretch, but I honestly think that there is a parallel here to the way in which we neglect to talk about mental health issues & self-care. Whether computers, the web, or our minds/bodies, we're all navigating these experiences collectively, and there are so many ways to approach them, but we tend to wait until there's a peak of some kind (usually a crisis) before we start really exploring them together. This is a loose cloud of thought, but I would say culminates in the various trends we're seeing during the pandemic - whether in the realm of digital or physical wellbeing, connection, & productivity. I hope that made sense - I'm challenging myself to write my responses more conversationally, with minimal editing/overthinking ;^P

As for my shift toward Linux, years ago--when I was first feeling an urge to break away from Mac, and was looking for an ethical/energy-efficient PC--I actually bought an Aleutia computer, which came with Ubuntu. Then... well, lots of complicated life things happened, and until quite recently, the computer has been sitting patiently, and mostly untouched--like a special book on a bookshelf that I've been saving for just the right opportunity. Does this sort of thing ever happen to you? I've finally gotten around to getting it set up (one issue with this is I don't yet have a very ergonomic setup for desktop computing [or, honestly, computing in general]), and am currently in the process of cleaning out my Mac and weeding/organizing external hard drives to get properly oriented for my new computer life :^) Once I get more into it, my plan is mostly just to learn as much as I can about the OS itself and make it a comfy, cozy space that I feel good about.

Oh, on a related note, I also recently picked up a Raspberry Pi after years of hearing about it's amazing potential for learning and exploring - have you used it? I feel like the hardest part is deciding which of countless ways to use it I'd like to prioritize... I'm thinking of it as a winter project, most likely, and have been mulling over ideas like trying to hosting a small website or 'radio station' on it. We'll see...

Yeah, isn't it funny how MySpace seems almost like an 'indie web' platform in comparison with the popular Social Media platforms we have these days? I used to have so much fun tinkering with my MySpace profile and seeing how much I could transform it. It's really a shame that customization has become so restricted in digital networks these days (even in decentralized realms), because at least getting people to think about thinks like CSS or JavaScript takes them a big step toward greater web literacy...

haha Yeah, you've definitely got deep reasons for taking your time to connect with SMCC. This weekend is just going to be a very loose hang out and maybe a doodle jam, and then I think next week Zach will probably be getting back into a web / computing history series that he's been leading. I really want to get back to Cooltown (our tilde space), but have been busy with lots of other priorities lately myself.

Seán ⠀