Champagne and Regional Names
vins de soif - unpretentious drinkable wine measured in quality by the "joy and refreshment they provide" also called quaffers by the English
they are relatively low in alcohol and high in acidity, so you can “glou-glou,”

Tea and the History of Tea
- Clipper
- Cargo
- Trader
- The Strand

English Tea
-Gossip (go sip!)
-Saucer (getting sauced?)
-Milk before Tea
- Camellia
- Rosehip
- Ceylon
- Orange Pekoe "may have marketed the tea as "orange" to suggest association with the House of Orange"

- Orange Superior / Superior Orange

- The Naturalist (see pet nat)
- Remedy

Agriculture Viticulture
- Harvest
- Pressed
- Association
- Wine Press
- The Vine
- Vintage

Sparkling Wine / Champagne
-Pet Nat
- cru

Anton Anger