aight, wattup everybody, i just turned 19 like a week ago , I dropped something literally just now, go and like comment and repost and share with a friend if you fuck with me and yeah , Ive been working on my music for a while now, I know I can make it , i risked too much shit for this , I just need my people to actually share my music I want this to be like a big family be somebody thats gonna make it and be the same I aint got no ego, I got a lot to offer and if I actually make I wanna make a difference and do things differently for once, just music and build this fan base that everybody gone have fun Ive got a big vision,I just need your support to do that, I wanna bring the vibes back, trust me I mean it I wanna be like somebody you know and be there for you all help you :)

John Christian Rose