TECHNOLOGICAL DISPOSABILITY AS INCORPORATED TRANSPARENCY: A POSTPHENOMENOLOGICAL TAKE ON SMARTPHONES Tobias Alencastro 2022, Academia Letters 26 Views 7 Pages 1 File ▾ Philosophy of Technology, Critical Theory of Technology, Postphenomenology, Technoscience, Don Ihde  ...more ▾ ISSN:  2771-9359 Publication Date:  2022 Publication Name:  Academia Letters This essay proposes an approach to the disposable characteristic of some modern technologies from the perspective of Don Ihde's postphenonenology. The main idea revolves around the concept of "disposability" as an intentional feature of these technologies, on an "existential" level, not as a commercial or design strategy. "Disposability" as an active feature of these technologies puts us in front of some questions that involve what kind of constructions of reality and/or consequences of our relationships with the world mediated by technologies that have this specific intentionality exist or can arise. This is a work in progress, and here there are no answers, just the phenomenological perspective in development.