The numbers of today's conventional mathematics, that are considered as a result of abstraction from the real world, can not be such.
No matter how many mathematical operations we would make with them – there are no any physical structures they can generate. The only thing they generate is «a virtual reality», that always needs already existing matter for its realization.

Only hyletic numbers can, with any predetermined accuracy, remember (recreate from being forgotten) any fragments of Area of Happened Events by means of «objectifying» purely mathematical objects. One can say that «remembering» is a hyletic number taking its form in physical world, whether is a display of a computer, or «material» physical objects.

Hyletic number - is not a «new type of number», it is a true number in pythagorean sense, opposite to the made-up weierstrass number of contemporary science. There are no numbers without memory, as to exist - means to be an entity, and an entity - is a personality with a memory. Hyletic number - is a common name both for prime number and natural numbers, and for living beings in biological sense, and for the world in total. Hyletic number - is everything that is calculated, mathematized in pythagorean sense. The totality of all numbers represents mathematical world. Zero - is a sum of all numbers, but it is not nothingness, as it contains the memory of all operations. 1 - is a product of all numbers (also with total memory preservation). When such understanding of numbers becomes a norm, there will be no need in using the word «hyletic», as there are no «non-hylletic» numbers.

The ability of a living being to recollect (actualise) information will bring a possibility of creating (growing) a Device (Mnemon - Recorder) which has the same properties. It will not «play out» information, as do devices of present time, but to exactly recall as living beings do. Hyletic information technology will make creating physical copies of happened events obsolete, which will become the same anachronism as clay cuneiform and knot-records are today.

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