EstefunnyToday at 7:52 AM
Cube Cobra List: All In Cube
527 Card Vintage Cube
FeldmannyToday at 7:53 AM
Does the cube have any specific theme? Are you looking to cut cards (and if so what size will your cube be in the end)?
EstefunnyToday at 7:54 AM
archetypes for guilds are in the overview
size aimed at the moment is 540, but that isn't really set in stone
FeldmannyToday at 7:55 AM
Anything beyond that? I'm meaning themes like draft all stars, pauper, multicolored etc.
EstefunnyToday at 7:56 AM
the only restriction is cards that I have laying around or are budget friendly to afford. Other than that I just want a fun cube.
FeldmannyToday at 7:56 AM
My first impression is that yeah, creature count is a bit low, especially in a low-powered environment where creatures are more important than usual imo