So, I’ve been breaking up with the art world for years now. But it’s not what you think. Break ups are the most creative and cathartic periods of my life. I will continue to break up with the art world for a life time. And it will be a life time that is infinitely more creative than if I were to try to be an artist.

All this Pluto activity, all this power nonsense, is making me realize that there is nothing ethical about being an artist. This sucks, when art is supposed to be the conscience of society. There is also nothing ethical about saying that there are ethics behind art, or that there’s a way to be an ethical artist in an unethical world. To say that there is a path toward ethics without changing the status quo, that there is a way to wash your hands clean of the blood our American culture class is based on, is to find out that you have committed a murder and try to hide the evidence.


So, it’s freeing to be breaking up with the art world, to not go to show openings or imagine what work I’d produce if I could afford the time and space. It allows me to appreciate what creativity I have when I don’t have the time or the place. Creativity is a reaction to oppression. No institution can give your creativity back to you by promising you time and space because those are not the things that make it necessary.

Breaking up with the art world means that I am able to appreciate my friends’ accomplishments without wondering when I’ll be able to get the same opportunities. It means not having to appreciate creative work through the admiration of how well something is able to pass through an institutional framework. It means admitting that being an artist is an unethical behavior, not because of anyone’s intentions, but because the system is unethical.

Breaking Up With the Art World