I speak today with a sense of scatteredness. I hope you can accept me that way. I speak with a sense of brokenness… hope seems to be spread very thin at this moment.

It seems that holding on to hope is a failing expedition, a breaking enterprise. We are holding on tenuously while the system continuously encourages us to "keep the hope alive! keep the faith alive!".

I think it was Winston Churchill that said, "we will never never never give up"- I wonder if that is part of the problem. I wonder if endless hope is what the system wants us to do maybe that is something which needs to die?

The world is alive in stunningly beautiful ways, ways that our systems of learning, our education systems and paradigms do not know how to approach. When a star burns it burns with hope, when it splutters and dies and spits its guts across space that's hopelessness; and yet that hopelessness is generative, it is that hopelessness that makes our bodies, that spits the matter and makes us alive, that makes us human!

What I'd like to invite is for us to notice hope as the engine of modern progress and that sometimes there is a lot of abundance in the field of what we call hopelessness.

Within hopelessness there is a lot of inquiry, there is a lot of dying, a lot of beauty, emergence, intelligence, and interspecies symposia waiting to happen. So I welcome you to this sun spilling conversation on hope and hopelessness and ask you to consider what feels invited when darkness is all that there is?

abandon all hope.