Week 4, Summary

Gemma sketched out many of the ideas we had talked about so far, and reviewing these visualisations highlighted more precisely what we're interested in, and what isn’t addressed successfully by existing tools. The ‘slow-mode’ process of reflection and connecting of thoughts, the taking of time to link and develop ideas is what we'd like to focus on fostering.

There are many existing projects that hold values or ideas that resonate with us; Paragraph Club, Chat Roulette, PWR itself — small scale social games, between a limited number of participants, with regular participation, in a limited timeframe.

A mushrooms' flavour and shape depend on its surroundings, and this indeterminacy feels important. We are moving on from the AI trained on your own writings, to the premise that other people are key to helping you mine your previous ideas. They have unpredictable input and perspective, and so draw out what you already know. This is something we’ve found when we meet up to further this project; we share references and make connections we hadn't when alone. The connections we make alone are multiplied because we share, bounce, and weave with each other through conversation.

As we talk we pull up articles, profiles, and other sites, augmenting the verbal exchange with references. This pair browsing is as exciting glimpse into someone else's online mental map; sharing a computer, seeing how someone else navigates, and the choices they make. We're reminded of We See In Every Direction, The Waffle Game, The Button. Games as a re-framing of the habit/ritual idea we've been developing. There is a lightness, a playful spirit, a defined structure of start and finish, and social element baked into games. Players are cooperating by abiding to agreed rules, there is a social motivation to continue, a convention of replying.

We spent the rest of the session devising the ideas around and rules for a conversation game, designed to habitualise small bursts of reflective writing, and began version 0.1 of the game with a mutual friend.

Week 4, Summary