Here's where many people would say: "go hire some people to work for you". Here's where I say: "avoid hiring, build robots". Hiring increasing the complexity of your product, business and life. Hiring a person means you need train and manage them and makes you liable for their income and in many countries a lot more than just that (e.g. health insurance).

You want to automate parts that take quite some time for a human, but don't take too much time to script.

Most of the regular stuff to maintain your product can be automated as a scheduled computer script (run by scheduled cron jobs on your server). Those scripts I like to call "robots". A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then scheduled to run every second, minute, hour, day or week. If you can make a script that does something and saves you from doing that task, that's a robot.

My server dashboard (called cron) is simply an app to log the result of the scheduled job. There's even services that will monitor if your scheduled cron jobs actually run.

So this is like passive income, right? No!
People would call this the magic "passive income" but I think that's a ridiculous term. You probably had to work 3 years on a crazy hardcore level to get to the point where you can automate and not work and make money. Then the question is how long will that last? Maybe another 3 years? So it's more like the first 3 years you just worked as hard as someone working 6 years normally. That's not passive income, that's just compressed income. Passive income is a myth. You can minimize work a lot, but until you sell your company, there will probably always be at least monthly situations where you need to step in.

If you've come this far with your side project, which is now a real business, it means you're near to having an autonomous organization (or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).

How is automation relevant?