Addie Wagenknecht: American artist
Allison Parrish: American Poet and Software Engineer
Autumn Knight: American interdisciplinary artist
Be Oakley: Writer and publisher
Brittany Nelson: American artist
CAConrad: poet
Canaries: Art Collective
Carolyn Lazard: American artist born 1987
Chancey Fleet: Librarian, technologist and accessibility advocate
Claire L. Evans: American musician, writer and artist
Computer People for Peace: activist group
Deep Lab: organization
Fraxiom: musician
GenderFail: queer publishing and programming initiative
Girls Who Coded: Gender in Twentieth Century U.K. and U.S. Computing:
Harry Josephine Giles: Scottish Writer and Performer
Interrupt: newsletter published by Computer People for Peace
Jackie Wang: writer, poet and musician
Jaimie Warren: photographer and performance artist
Jasmine McNealy: media and technology scholar
Joan Greenbaum: American academic
Karin Dreijer: Swedish musician
Kent Monkman: Canadian artist
Laboria Cuboniks: Feminist collective
Laura Les: American musician
Lauren McCarthy: American artist and computer programmer.
Mar Hicks: Historian of technology
Marina Kittaka: video game developer and illustrator
Nathanaël: Canadian writer, literary translator and educator
NIC Kay: American performance artist
Nicole Killian: American artist
Salome Asega: American visual artist and researcher
Sandra Erbacher: German artist
Sophie Alpert: Former developer on React.js.
Steffani Jemison: American visual artist
Stephanie Dinkins: American artist
Sydette Harry: Cultural critic, editor, writer
Wendy Liu: Former Software Engineer turned writer who covers technology and politics.

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