My Turangawaewae place is Aro Valley, Wellington. I began exploring this topic, creating composition based on what Aro Valley was best known for. This included the Garage Project, colourful housing, the community centre and more. I used photographs from the internet as well as ones that I had taken myself. As I continued developing I began to focus on design principles and my colour palette. I found a light blue that I really liked and contrasted this with black and white photographs. To finalise my exploration and compositions I decided to focus on the development and destruction of student housing in the area, as this is what most people knew Aro Valley for. I researched a range of Artist Models, including Rodrigo de Filippis, who influenced my final composition. I liked the use of soft yellow colours, as well as the layering of a range of materials, like photographs and drawings. In my final composition I used a photo of the Aro Valley, photoshopped into a valley shape with a stream flowing in the centre to represent the formation of this area. This was layered with housing and students partying to add depth and play with scale. Above this I had a leaking tap to represent the quality of these houses, as well as a molded and stained floor plan in the background. My composition also included rhythm and contrast. These ideas were also represented in my animation, with the shaking valley for formation by faults, the molding floor plan and students partying in these houses.