1. OKT. 2021 AT 11:41 live as if you were already free David wrote so many books, tweets, private letters, academic posts, diary entries, research and commentaries, WhatsApp messages that it seemed to a normal person he would probably don't have time to breathe. Indeed he was writing all the time. If he wasn't typing on the computer, he was tweeting, or taking a bath and writing there, then getting out of the bathroom and going to visit a friend to take an opportunity to write while riding the subway.

He said that the secret to his productivity was constantly procrastinating and switching from one project to another, so nothing seemed like work but more like a play. Academic bureaucracy, of course, was far from being fun, although even recommendations he used to write for his students were all small, very well thought through essays. Normally, professors copy-paste the same text about a talented student, replacing only the name. Sometimes, they even forget to change a student's name throughout the whole text of the recommendation. Then it starts with John and ends with Mary. But David really thought about the actual person and wrote for each student a unique text. I want to publish a collection of his recommendations as a book. It is like poetry: his fascination with humans and the care work to find the best in everyone.

Yet the key was that David always took part in some kind of emotional unrest in the best sense of the word. He was always defending someone, or someone would attack him.

Childishly and sincerely, David would fully engage in the struggle. This was the case, for example, with me supporting Jeremy Corbyn. There was a surge of emotions, from hope to despair, from personal courage to the depression of defeat. He constantly built up around himself a sense of camaraderie, solidarity and the feeling that just a bit more work and we will be able to change the world around us, to make it better.

If you compare the life of a successful academic-careerist or an author chasing big sales, he and David have different motivations and different levels of emotional intensity. David actually was putting into practice his thesis: "live as if you were already free."

live as if you were already free