The Language of Design Imperialism:

—What even is "humanistic design"?
—Bruce Nussbaum on Design Thinking & Humanistic Design:
—What does this mean? "humanitarian designers are the new imperialists"
—"Even the term "humanitarian design" bespeaks a fundamental limitation — incredibly anthropocentric, it fails to recognize the importance of design that lives in a complex ecosystem of humanity and nature, society and environment, which are always symbiotically linked to one another's well-being."
—Biodiversity and cultural diversity as fundamentally linked
—"Let's stop hiding behind industry jargon. Let's invent a new language that allows us to better think, talk and care about indigenous cultures and microcommunities before we try to retrofit them to our projects and our preconceptions." --DUH!

Searching for a Black Aesthetic in American Graphic Design:

—"Is there any such thing as an African-American design aesthetic?"
— "Lack of exposure to the prevailing aesthetic traditions also puts them at a disadvantage."
—The link between self-confidence, role models/leadership and success "working with built traditions by others like themselves)
—Not about content: "the styling and expressions common to people of African descent."
—cultural appropriation by white designers of black design vocabulary
—"black design students would benefit greatly from a study of their design traditions"
—History: Cubism, Jazz style (Winold Reiss & The New Negro, Aaron Douglas & Fire!!! Magazine)
—1040s to 50s: racism in publishing & commercial art
—1970s Black power & the aesthetics of resistance: "socialist protest art forms with black in-your-face bodaciousness to create a graphic design product that was uniquely African-American"
—80s & 90s Tribal chic: "public vernacular expression such as graffitti and rap"
Current: YSB Magazine,