ABOUT— A reading group that meets every two weeks to discuss essays and articles on a variety of subjects and themes that loosely relate to art and design.

MATERIAL — Material is all non-fiction and ranges from scholarly articles to popular essays and editorial pieces.

READING LOAD & SCHEDULING — The group will meet every two weeks for approx. 2 hours to discuss 1-3 readings. The number of readings assigned for each meeting will depend on the length and difficulty level of the text(s).

MONTHLY THEMES — We will focus on a general theme each month (this means that we will have two meetings per subject/theme).

TEXT AVAILABILITY— All texts will be shared on Are.na as either website links or PDFs.

DISCUSSION STRUCTURE — This will be informal and quite unstructured, however participants are encouraged to prepare at least one question per reading to share with the group each meeting they attend. Questions (and notes) should be uploaded to a dedicated Are.na channel for the respective reading.

OUTPUT — There is no pressure for all reading group participants to make something each month, however there is an opportunity to make & publish something in response to or in conversation with one or more of the texts we read and discuss each month. Participants can collaborate or make something alone, and the output can take any form whether analogue or digital, print, 3D, performative or screen-based.

PUBLICATION PLATFORM — There will also be an opportunity to publish whatever is made in the context of this project / reading group under the library library umbrella and to share this on a digital platform designed and created for the group. All work will be credited to its makers/writers/designers. More about this TBD.