Studying in Sweden

Admission for all Swedish schools go through and deadline is 15 January for all.

There are four programmes in Sweden, UMA being the newest one, starting in 2010. All schools are roughly equal in quality (all unis are state owned) and they all rank highly in international comparison except UMA, on account of being new architecture institution I think? The uni itself is older though and the design institute it has is one of the top ones in the world so maybe the architecture school is getting there...

If you study in Sweden you are eligible to attend Swedish courses through SFI (Swedish for immigrants) for free. Might be a waiting list though.

Most students living cost is about SEK 8000-10000/month (rent 2500-5000 + groceries 1500-2000 + other ?) but if you’re frugal less then that.

10 SEK ~ 1 USD (not really but almost)

UMA: Umeå School of Architecture (my school!)
Umeå (ca 100 000 inhabitants, far away from other cities, close to nature, high student/inhabitant ratio) (UMA is going through some things right now, the new dean is crazy, but it is the most activist of the schools)

Cost (per semester of master): SEK 87500
Deadline: 15 January

KTH: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Royal Institute of Technology)
Stockholm (1 000 000 inhabitants, students are scattered, probably the highest ranked education?)

Cost (per semester): 130 000
Deadline: 15 january

Lund University
Lund (ca 100 000 inhabitants, close to Malmö and Europe in general, lots of student activity, OLD university)

Cost (per semester): SEK 105 000
Deadline: 15 january

Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg (ca 500 000 inhabitants, coastal town)

Cost (per semester): SEK 80 000
Deadline: 15 january

Other cool arch edu in the Nordic countries:

Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland
AHO in Oslo, Norway
Bergen School of Architecture, Norway
KADK in Copenhagen, Denmark
Aarhus in Aarhus, Denmark

If anyone want to go further with applying reach out to me and I’ll give you some help!

Studying in Sweden