19:00 People entering the space /in groups of 3-4/

Whats in my bag


doing skincare part 1 - selfcare

TINA - Put a finger down part 1
SIMON - doing tiktok dance /Doja Cat - Woman/

TINA - Put a finger down part 2
DARIA - walks over the space and leads the audience to the bedroom to Teuta

SIMON - movements and tiktok dance with Lusa

Never have I ever with cups / after Teuta finishes

I feel so fortunate and lucky to be able to launch this brand. All of this is because of you guys. I didnt wanna create a skincare brand, unless it sparked a social change and give you healthy and beautiful skin and give you the opportunity to change the world. If it wasnt for your support I feel like the luckiest person in the world and because of that i feel i have responsibility to do everything I can to help you guys and make the world a better place. You guys inspire me every single day, your positivity, your kind comments, your willingnes to uplift and support each other and it makes me feel like a part of this incredible community. And I feel this goes beyond the world of skincare. And nothing excites me more the knowledge that one day you will hold these products in your hand. That matters. We become objects we own and thats why this launch is such an incredible opportunity. I always think with deep personal interest how touch or care, spending money for nail salon, hair salon, massage/spa as different ways making relationship between company and customer. When you watch transparent paperskin of a visageist doin her skincare nighttime routine, you know thers more, With the triumph of objects over subjects, you may feel there is no identity left inside.

But that is only until you use the Ordinary glycolic acid toning solution. If youre unfamiliar with glycolic acid, its one of the most powerful chemical exfoliants that works to dissolve the dead skin cells of the face. Now, i have always loved glycolic acid, but im also aware that my skin can be a little sensitive and because of that i have to be very mindful about which products to use. So lets put that on. (puts it on someone) ….When I was looking through the ingredient list, I discovered...rosa damascena water, which a fragrant ingredient.

Even now the nail salon will not leave her: isopropyl acetate,ethyl acetate, chloride, sodium laurylsulfate & sweat fuming through her pink NY t-shirt.

Welcome to Creator Economy.

I love seeing lil company accounts flirt with each other in comments.

the devil works hard but my followers work harder. All i want is to have direct relationship with my fans.

Damn...You deserve a medal for the content curation. I wanna move to nyc and dj.

a real life of instagram girls who don’t even have a lactose intolerance

All I want for Christmas is 2M followers

The future, as we know, is not art, but e-commerce

why complain like another millennial when i am #gifted

I deserve to be happy.
I am a magnet of miracles.
I take control of my own life.
I am the queen of productivity.
I am attracting everything I need to be successful in business and life.
I believe in myself and trust in my abilities.
Success and happiness come easily to me.
I create incredible opportunities, and they show up effortlessly in my life.
I am energized by my work, my relationships, and my passion.
I am enough.

TINA: Kill the neoliberal girlboss in ur head


LUŽEK: Na rozdíl od průmyslové éry, kde odcizení spočívalo v pocitu, že dělníkovo tělo bylo vyvlastněno výrobním procesem, dnes je vyvlastněn velký kus našeho Já.
DARIA: yeaah
LUŽEK: Zapřáhnout duši do práce
DARIA: small talk for professionals.
TINA: a communication as a new form of alienation
LUŽEK: prestáva byť nezištnou, je ekonomickou nutnosťou. Naše touha a energie opakovaně padají do pasti seberealizace podle pravidel Kapitálu.


TINA: She is blond and she can do this sorority-girl ice-princess thing, which she does with her voice and her shoulder blades, which makes people think she’s older than she is and really important.

DARIA: I spent hours with my make up today to attract you in my new tiktok video with that crazy song...i’ve already followed you with my second finsta account, only for the closest friends. hope you say hi to me when we meet in the park.

TEUTA: ‘’Wonder how my OnlyFans account is doing.... The main source of my income are videos where I explain what’s wrong with our Planet... Of course there’s occasionally a nude or two...‘’ Earth-Mother explains to my parents while I’m trying to hide how shaky my hands are.
While the outdoor sounds of ambulances and fire trucks compose our Sunday evening playlist. My father asks me in secret why Earth-Mother is such an oddball. ‘’No she’s not weird nor strange. She just has borderline personality disorder...’’
I reply.
After I change into different clothes I hand her a 400 mg pill of Seroquel to calm her down.

SCOTT: our personal life is: colonalised or globalized?

SIMON: inhaling capitalist pop culture and exhaling art strategies. breathing

LUZEK: I wish everything was as easy as getting fat.

TINA: a psychotically high standard

TEUTA: Yorkshire dogs that didn't choose to be cute.
Squishing my energy.


Simon - video
Luzek- bringing ice cubes
-> ice cubes for anxiety

sucking on ice cubes - ticking (faces to audinece, offers ice cube for anxiety)