How to improve my work?

What are my prorities? Is it beauty? Is it to be conceptual?
What do I want to communicate? Positivity, joy, bringing beauty to everyday life,

Analyse works that you like?
Train Train Train.

Do personal projects
Read articles and read the concepts behind.

STYLE: Décalé, équilibre entre les contraires.
Naive, Simple, no bullshit, pétillant, energie
Poétique, positif, amener de la beauté, elegant.

Subject Matter:
Interpretation of everyday things.
Maybe what I need is not to become an illustrator as such but a designer/illustrator.
Bring design and illustration together!

- Food and gastronomy
- everyday scenes
- People.
-People and food, gathering, cooking. Relation between people and food! Everyday, friendship, happiness.
- Imperfection and ugliness as beauty. Everything is potential to learn.
- Happiness
- Living spaces.
- Theatre, literature, performance, costumes.
- Another wold, something happy, kind of 60s. Embrace the mess. Embrace the badly done.

Develop a unique technique/style.
Voice: happiness, the beauty of imperfection, naive.
Techniques: Quick lines, water, monoprint, quickness
Color choices: multicolour
Compositions: ?
Subject matter: people, togetherness, love, food
organised chaos.

BRINGING contraries.

Are there elements of design that tie your pieces together?
What themes show up in your art most often? Energy, spontaniety, imperfection.
What kind of subjects are you drawn to? Many or a few? Many, sruggling to know what to draw.
What kind of art do you enjoy creating at the moment?
Does your art stand out against the work of other artists?