As I move I flow. My body becomes submerged as I unknow it but relearn it through movement. The world has fallen away. The space I occupy is transformed, my bedroom floor, the kitchen, a field becomes a familiar dance floor as my body juts and rolls. My mind is elsewhere, yet my body is here. I express how I feel through these movements, and they are perceived by those who surround me. My intentions may not be reflected through my body's movement, but can be traced back by the echoes that it leaves behind by cameras that are unable to capture my movement, but offer a view into something else. The captured blur represents my flow, how I move and where I am moving to. This captured ghost is the echo of my soma, my inner experience that is represented through my material bodies movement. But to a viewer I am simply moving.

I become unaware of my surroundings. As I spin and flail in my room, I lose track of time, where I am, and where my body is. I find myself horizontally falling into my bed or a chair, as my world has ceased to exist..

I become unaware of my surroundings. As I jump and fall I knock those around me, and these consequences bring me back to my reality. I become hyper aware of my movements. How my face looks to those that are trying to avoid my arms that lash out and my collapsing body.

I find everyone smiles when they dance. A mini-community is temporarily formed where no one cares and where everyone can be free. I do not have intentions other than to move and be free. Surely this is escape?