The open letter “In Solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub” was the first text that we read as an introduction to shadow libraries. To be- gin with, we were interested in the people involved in writing this letter.
MARCELL The writing was a truly collective process. Maybe, all together there were six of us and then the rest signed it. We were using A proj- ect by Jan Gerber, a programmer and thinker, who is a comrade and partner in crime with Sebastian Lütgert in many projects. We used that, instead
of a regular etherpad. You don’t see who’s there, and there is no history. It’s very hard to say who wrote what. It was also the time when Laurence Liang was in Lüneburg, where he was a fellow
and I was a PhD student, just after we did “Terms of Media” at Brown University. Academic topics have a certain kind of attention, and when it peaks, people just move to another one, like a fashion. At the time of the letter, that topic was in its peak, and we learned about the court case sometime during the summer. We decided to start with some actions against, even if the court case was not finished. In the end, the decision was that Science Hub and Library Genesis should pay around 15 million. At the time of this letter, they started to track the name registrars of the hosting websites. That’s when we realized what was hap- pening. There was also a time when Sean Dockray, (the founder of aaaaarg) and I got sued. I tried to help by taking the domain under my name, so that Sean could get out of the project, because he was

The Hermit forms the acquaintance of a clever little fisher- Also of some world-wide travellers, whose experiences, though of a superficial nature, are deeply interesting-A distinguished builder next enlightens him respecting architecture and architects in general-A "fine lady'' who is not above making herself use- ful-Some odd extracts from the annals of the Annelida-A slovenly "beauty " 71
The Hermit introduces himself to a charming and very com- municative Jady, who is startled by the unexpected appearance during dinner of a protege of the Hermit's-The trials of house- keeping, from which even Hermits are not wholly exempt-Some more travellers' tales, which meet with a better acceptance under the Waves than they sometimes do above them -The Hermit receives a surprise and is warned against a " monster '' 94
The conduct of" the monster," together with his appearance, causes the Hermit to moralize-A family of high rank, and an eccentric member of the same-Gravity and levity contrasted in the Pholas and the Pecten-Concerning borers and burrowers- An unexpected encounter-The catastrophe . 1 1 8
How the catastrophe came about, with a glimpse of life above the Waves-The Brittle-star prefers death to captivity-The crabbed cousin resents being taken up no less than he did being put down-The Society of the Basin is quite broken up, and its members reconcile themselves to a change of circumstances ac- cording to their various dispositions-The Hermit, after a hair- breadth escape, finally regains his native valley, a wiser though a sadder Hermit than when he left it-He is not, however, long depressed, but concludes philosophica1ly that "all is well that ends well"