Frank Ocean’s List of Favorite Movies

Un Chien Andalou
Blue Velvet
Barry Lyndon
Battleship Potemkin
Chungking Express
Raging Bull
The Conformist
Bicycle Thieves
Taxi Driver
A Clockwork Orange
Mean Streets
Gods of the Plague
Mulholland Dr.
Happy Together
Fallen Angels
Apocalypse Now
The Last Laugh
Full Metal Jacket
No Country For Old Men
Wild at Heart
The Royal Tenenbaums
Miller’s Crossing
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
Blood Simple
L.A. Confidential
Reservoir Dogs
Eastern Promise
2001: A Space Odyssey
Battle Royale
The Passion of Anna
Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia
Oldboy (2003)
Django Unchained
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Godfather
Scarface (1932)
Scarface (1983)
Blade Runner
Citizen Kane
On The Waterfront
Annie Hall
Dr. Strangelove
The French Connection
The Deer Hunter
Wild Strawberries
The Sacrifice
El Topo
Holy Mountain
The Shining
Pulp Fiction
American Beauty
Solaris (1972)
True Romance
Elephant Man
Seven Samurai

Jackie Brown
Aguirre, the Wrath Of God
Paris, Texas
Devil in a Blue Dress
Inglorious Basterds
Ed Wood
Hard Eight
The Seventh Seal
Paths Of Glory
There Will Be Blood
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Fight Club
Throne of Blood
The Master
Dog Day Afternoon
Rosemary’s Baby
Phantom of The Paradise
Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome
Malcolm X
Scorpio Rising
The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Puce Moment
Nosferatu (1922)
The King of Comedy

Aviation Acronyms

  • A -

A/C / ACFT Aircraft
A/P Autopilot
A/T Auto Throttle
AAPS Atmospheric Absolute Pressure Sensor
AC Alternating Current
ACC Air Conditioning Controller
ACCEL Accelerometer(s)
ACCESS Accessory
ACCUM Accumulator
ACM Air Cycle Machine
ACP Audio Control Panel
ADF Automatic Direction Finder
ADI Alttitude Display Indicator
ADM Air Data Module
ADS Air Data System
AEDO Aircraft Engineering District Office (FAA)
AEG Aircraft Evaluation Group (FAA)
AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AFCS Automated Flight Control System
AFGCS Automatic Flight Guidance and Control System
AFIS Airborne Flight Information System
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGL Above Ground Level
AGM Advanced Graphics Module
AH Artificial Horizon
AHDG Alternate Heading
AHRS Attitude Heading Reference System
AHRU Attitude Heading Reference Unit
AHTMS Aircraft Health & Trend Monitoring
AI Anti-Icing
AIL Aileron
AIOP Actuator Input Output Processor
AIU Audio Interface Units
ALI Airworthiness Limitation Items
ALN Align
ALRT Alert
ALT Alternate
ALT Alternate, Altitude, Altimeter or Alternator
ALTM Altimeter
ALTNR Alternator
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual
AMN Advanced Material Notice
AMP / Amp / amp Ampere
AN Air Force-Navy Aeronautical Standard
ANN Annunciator
ANNUN Annunciator
ANP Annunciator Panel
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANT Antenna
AOA Angle of Attack
AOG Aircraft on Ground
AP Autopilot
APE Autopilot Engage
API Angle Position Indicator
APM Aircraft Personality Unit
APP Approach
APPT Approach Track
APR Approach or Automatic Power Restoration
APS Altitude Pre-select
APU Auxillary Power Unit
AQL Acceptance Quality Level
ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated
ARL Automatic Range Limiting
ARM Armed
ARN Airborne Radio Navigation
ARSA Airport Radar Service Area
ARTU Airborne Radio Telephone Unit
AS Airspeed
ASC Aircraft Service Change
ASCB Avionics Standard Communication Bus
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASI Aviation Safety Inspector (FAA)
ASL Above Sea Level
ASSY Assembly

AT Antenna
ATA Air Transport Association of America
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATC Air Traffic Controller Transponder
ATG Aural(Audio) Tone Generator
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATP Acceptance Test Procedures
ATS Air Turbine Starter
ATT Attitude or Attitude Mode
AUTO Automatic
AUX Auxiliary
AZ Azimuth
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  • B -

Aviation Acronym Description
B/A Bank Angle
B/CU Battery/Charger Unit
BAC Bleed Air Control
BAG / BAGG Baggage
BARO Barometric
BARO CORR Barometer Correction
BATT / BATTS Battery / Batteries
BBW Brake-By-Wire
BC Bus Controller, Back Course
BCD Binary-Coded Decimal
BCN Beacon
BCP Best Computed Position
BCS Brake Control System
BCU Brake Control Unit
BCU Bus Coupler Unit

BD429 Bi-Directional Arinc 429
BDI Bearing Distance Indicator
BEER Baggage Electronic Equipment Rack
BFCU Backup Flight Control Unit
BFL Balanced Fuel Load
BFL Balanced Field Length
BFO Beat-Frequency Oscillator
BIN Binary
BIT Built-In-Test
BITE Built-In Test Equipment
BIU Battery Interface Unit
BL Butt Line
BLD Bleed
BLISK Blended Disk
BMU Battery Module Unit
BNR Binary
BOT Bottom
BOW Basic Operating Weight
BPCU Bus Power Control Unit
BPD Bypass Duct
BRG Bearing
BRK Brake

BRT Bright(ness)
BTL Bottle
BTMS Brake Temperature Monitoring System
BYTE A Single Group or Parallel Binary Bits
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  • C -

Aviation Acronym Description
C Capacitance, Centigrade, Celsius, Caution or Coulomb
C of A Certificate of Airworthiness (FAA)
C/W Comply or Complied With
CAB (Quality) Corrective Action Board
CAB Customer Advisory Board
CAM Content Addressable Memory(AssociativeStorage)
CAMP Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program
CAP Capture
CAR (Quality) Corrective Action Request
CAS Crew Alerting System
CAS Calibrated Air Speed
CB Circuit Breaker
CB Customer Bulletin
CBPC Cabin Bus Power Control
CCA Circuit Card Assembly
CCD Charge Coupled Device
CCD Cursor Control Device
CCM Cruise Control Manual
CCW Counter-Clockwise
CD Cabin Display or Control Display Unit
CDI Course Deviation Indicator
CDU Control Display Unit
CE Course Error
CFI Certified Flight Instructor
CFII Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument
CFR Code of Federal Regulations (FAA)
CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
CG Center-of-Gravity
CH Channel
CHAN / CHNL Channel
CHG Change
CHGR / CHRGR Charger
CHI Communication+Navigation+Identification
CIO Control Input Output
CIR Conformity Inspection Record (FAA 8100-1)
CKPT Cockpit
CKT Circuit
CLAW Control Law
CLB Climb
CLK Clock
CLR Clear
CLS Contractor Logistic Support
CLSD Closed
CM Configuration Management
CMC Central Maintenance Computer
CMD Command
CMM (Quality) Coordinate Measuring Machine
CMM Component Maintenance Manual
CMOS Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMP Computerized Maintenance Program
CMPT Composite or Compacted
CMPTR Computer
CMR Certification Maintenance Requirement
CMS Central Management System
CND Could Not Duplicate
CNTOR Contactor
oC Degrees Celcius (or Centigrade)
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
COBOL Common Oriented Business Language
COM Command
COM Common
COMB Combined

COMM Communication(s)

COMP Compass, Comprehensive, Compensation or Comparator
COMPT Compartment
COMSEC Communications Security
CONFIG Configuration
CONT Continuous
CONT / CTL / CTRL Control
CONV Converter
CORR Correction
CP Coupler or CrossPointer
CPAM Cabin Pressure Acquisition Module
CPC Cabin Pressure Controller

CPCP Corrosion Prevention Control Program

CPCS Cabin Pressure Control System
CPDLC Controller Pilot Datalink Communication
CPI Cabin Pressure Indicator

CPL Couple(d)
CPLR Coupler
CPM Cycles Per Minute
CPS Cycles Per Second
CPU Central Processor Unit
CQA Certified Quality Auditor
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRS Course
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CRZ Cruise
CSD Constant Speed Drive
CSDB Comnercial Standard Digital Bus
CSO Communications System Operator
CT Control,Center Tap or Control Transformer
CTL Control
CTLR Controller
CTR Center
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
CW Clockwise
CW Continuous Wave or Clockwise
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  • D -

Aviation Acronym Description
DA Drift Angle
DADC Digital Air Data Computer
DADS Digital Air Data System
DAFCS Digital Automatic Flight Control System
DAMP Damper
DAR Designated Airworthiness Representative (FAA)
DAS Designated Alteration Station (FAA)
DAU Data Acquisition Unit(s)

DBDI Digital Bearing/Distance Indicator
DC Display Control(ler) or Direct Current
DCV Directional Central Valve
DDRMI Dual Digital Remote Magnetic Indicator
DDU Display Drive Unit
DEC Decrease
DECEL Deceleration
DEFL Deflection
DEFLT Default
DEG Degree or Degraded
DEL Delete
DEMOD Demodulator
DEP Data Entry Plug (FADEC)
DER Designated Engineering Representative (FAA)
DES Descent
DESEL Deselect(ed)
DEST Destination
DET Detent, Detector or Detachment
DETECT Detection
DEV Deviation or Deviate
DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder
DFRN Differential
DGIO Dual Generic Input Output
DGP Dual Gauging Probe
DGRAD Degraded (Accuracy-or-Performance)
DH Decision Height
DIA Diameter
DIFF Differential
DIFM Due In For Maintenance
DIP Dual In-Line Package
DIR Direct(to)
DIS Display(ed)
DISC Disconnect
DISCH Discharge
DISCH / DSCHG / DISCHD Discharge, Discharged
DISP Display

DISPL Displacement
DIST Distance
DITS Digital Information Transfer System
DL Data Loader
DLMU Dataloading Management Unit
DMA Direct Memory Access
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DMIR Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative(s) (FAA)
DMT Discrepant Material Tag
DN Down
DOPI Drop Out Pull In
DOT Department of Transportation

DP Digital Processor,Data Processing
DPDT Double Pole Double Throw
DPI Differential Pressure Indicator
DPST Double Pole Single Throw
DR Dead Reckoning
DRC Dual Remote Compensator
DS Detail Specification
DSPL Display
DSPLSEL Display Select(or)
DSR Desired
DTA Damage Tolerance Analysis
DTMF Dual-Tone Multiple Frequency
DTO Direct To
DU Display Unit(s)

DUP Duplicate
DV Direct Vision
DVM Digital Voltmeter
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  • E -

Aviation Acronym Description
E East or Electromotive Force
E2PROM (EEPROM)Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EB Electric Backup
EBHA Electrical Backup Hydrostatic Actuator
EBU Engine Build Up
ECM Electronic Control Module or Electronic Counter Measures
ECS Environmental Control System

ECU Electronic Control Unit

ED Environmental Damage / Edge Distance
EDS Electronic Display System
EDT Electronic Data Transfer
EEC Electronic Engine Control
EED Emergency Exit Door
EER Electronic Equipment Rack
EFFECT Effectivity

EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
EGPWM Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Module
EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature
EHSA Electro Hydraulic Servo Actuator
EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
EHSV Electro-Hydraulic Servo Valve
EI Engine Instrumentation
EICAS Engine Instrument-Crew Advisory System
E-INV Emergency Inverter
EIS Entry Into Service
El Engine Instrument
ELEV Elevator
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
E-LTG Emergency Lighting
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMG / EMER / EMERG Emergency
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
ENG Engaged
ENG Engine
ENR Enroute
ENT Enter
EO Easy-On or Engineering Order
EOL End of Life
EP Electro-Pneumatic
EPBP Emergency Power Battery Pack
EPMP Electric Power Management Panel
EPR Engine Pressure Ratio
EPROM Erasable Prom
EPS Electrical Power System

EQUIP Equipment
EROPS Extended Range Of Operations
ESAD Equivalent Still Air Distance
ESDSD Electro-Static Discharge Sensitive Devices
ESM Electronic Surveillance Measures
ESS Essential
ET Elapsed Time
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC / etc Et cetera (and the like)
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETE Estimated Time Enroute
EVAC Evacuate
EVM Electronic Vibration Monitoring or Engine Vibration Monitor
EVS Enhanced Vision System
EXC Exceedance
EXC Excluding

EXLOC Expanded Localizer
EXT External or Extended
EXT Extinguisher
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  • F -

Aviation Acronym Description
F Fahrenheit
F&R Function and Reliability
F/D Frequency to Digital
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FAF Final Approach Fix
FAI First Article Inspection
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations (FAA)
FAV Fan Air Valve
FBS Front Beam Station

FBW Fly By Wire
FCC Flight Controls Computer
FCS Flight Control System
FCS Fuel Characteristics Sensor
FCU Flush Control Unit
FCU Fuel Control Unit
FD Fatigue Damage
FDCU Fire Detector Control Unit

FDR Flight Data Recorder

FECU Flaps Electronic Control Unit
FGC Flight Guidance Computer

FGS Flight Guidance System

FLIR Forward Looking Infrared
FMC Flight Management Computer
FMEA Failure Modes & Effect Analysis
FMS Flight Management System

oF Degrees Fahrenheit
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array
FPM Feet Per Minute
FPS Feet Per Second
FQI Fluid Quantity Indication
FQSC Fuel Quantity Signal Conditioner
FRACAS Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System
FS Fuselage Station

FSDO Flight Standards District Office
FSECU Flap Stab Electronic Control Unit
FTS Fuel Temperature Sensor
FWD Forward

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  • G -

Aviation Acronym Description
GAMPS Gulfstream Aerospace Manufacturing Process Specifications
GCMS Gulfstream Cabin Management System
GCU Generator Control Unit

GFI Ground Fault Interruption
GLA Gust Load Alleviation
GND Ground

GPS Global Positioning System
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GSCP Ground Service Control Panel
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  • H -

Aviation Acronym Description
HA Hydraulic Actuator
HAPS Hydrostatic Absolute Pressure Sensor
HCM Hydraulic Control Module
HCM Heater Control Module
HF High Frequency (3-30 mhz)
HID High Intensity Discharge
HIRF High Intensity Radiated Fields
HLS High Level Sensor
HMG Hydraulic Motor Generator

HPA High Power Amplifier
HPC High Pressure Compressor
HPT High Pressure Turbine
HSA Horizontal Stab Actuator
HSCU Horizontal Stabilizer Control Unit
HSTA Horizontal Stab Trim Actuator
HSTS Horizontal Stabilizer Trim System
HTR Heater

HUD Head Up Display
HV Height-Velocity
HVOF High Velocity Oxygen Fuel
HYD Hydraulic

Hz Hertz (cycles per second)

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  • I -

Aviation Acronym Description
I/0 Input/Output
IAS Indicated Airspeed
IAW In Accordance With
IB Iron Bird (Hydraulic Simulation Facility)
IBIT Initiated Build-In-Test
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization (FAA)
ICD Interface Control Document
ICS Inter-Communication(s) System
ICU Interface Control Unit (TR)
ICU Isolation Control Unit

ID Identification
IDG Integrated Drive/Generator
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manual
IF Intermediate Frequency
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IFSD In-Flight Shut Down(Rate)
IGN Ignition
ILS Instrument Landing System / Integrated Logistics Support
IM Inner Marker
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions / Interim Message Change
IMPA Integrated Motor Pump Assembly
IN Input
INBD Inboard

INC Increase
IND Indicator or Independent
INIT Initialize/Initiate
INS Inertial Navigation System
INSP Inspection
INSTL Installation

INT Internal
INTGL Integral
INTL International
INTLK Interlock
INU Inertial Navigation Unit
INV Inverter or Invert
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IP Intermediate Pressure/Initialization Point/Instructor Pilot
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog
IPCA Intermediate Pressure Cooling Air
IR Infrared
IRAN Inspect and Repair as Necessary
IRC Instrument Remote Controller
IRDS Infrared Detection System
IRS Inertial Reference System(s)

IRU Inertial Reference Unit
IS Inspection Schedule
ISA International Standard Atmosphere
ISC Industry Steering Committee
ISDU Inertial System Display Unit
ISO Isolation/lsochronal
ISO International Standards Organization
ISS Information Systems and Services
ITF Integrated Test Facility
ITU International Telecommunications Union
IVV Instantaneous Vertical Velocity
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  • J -

Aviation Acronym Description
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities

JAR Joint Aviation Regulations (European FAR)
JCT Junction
Jmp Jumper(Wire)
JSA Job Safety Analysis
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  • K -

Aviation Acronym Description
K Kilo(1Thousand)
KCAS Knots Calibrated Airspeed
Kg Kilogram(s)
KHz Kilohertz
KIAS Knots Indicated Airspeed
KTAS Knots True Airspeed
Kts Knots
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  • L -

Aviation Acronym Description
L Left
L/D Lift-To-Drag(Ratio)
LAN Local Area Network
LAT Latitude or lateral
LB Pound(s)

LBL Left Butt Line

LBS Lateral Beam Sensor
LCD Liquid Crystal Display(s)

LCV Lock Command Valve (TR)
LDG Landing
LDP Landing Decision Point
LED Light-Emitting Diode(s)

LEER Left Electronic Equipment Rack
LGCIS Landing Gear Control and Indication System
LGCS Landing Gear Control System
LH Left Hand

Li-ON Lighium Ion (Battery)
LLTV Low-Light Television
LLWAS Low Level Wind Shear Advisory System
LNAV Lateral Navigation
LOC Localizer
LOHM Resistive Unit of Liquids
LONG Longitude
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LP Low Pressure
LPC Low Pressure Compressor
LPT Low Pressure Turbine
LPV Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance
LPV Latched Power Valid
LRC Long Range Cruise
LRM Line Replaceable Module
LRN Long Range Navigation or Loran
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LSB Lower Side Band or Least Significant Bit
LSC Least Significant Character
LSWD Low Speed Warning Device

LT(s) Light(s)

LTG Lighting
LV Lower Voice
LVC Line Voltage Compensation
LVDT Linear Variable Differential Transducer(Transformer)
LWR Lower

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  • M -

Aviation Acronym Description
M Manual,Magnetic(Heading) or MEGA(1 Million)
M/T Mach Trim
MAAS Maximum Allowable Airspeed
MAC Minimum Acceptable Control
MAC Mean Aerodynamic Chord
MAD Magnetic Anomaly Detector
MAG Magnetic
MAINT Maintenance
MAN Manual
MAP Missed Approach Point,Maximum Aerodynamic Pressure
MAR Maritime
MAU Modular Avionics Unit
MAX Maximum
MCD Magnetic Chip Detector
MCDU Multi-Function Control Display Unit
MCE Motor Control Electronics
MCL Multiple Channel
MCSP Mission Completion Success Probability
MCU Modular Concept Unit
MDA Minimum Decision Altitude
MED Main Entry Door
MEL Minimum Equipment List
MEPS Manufacturing Engineering Process Standard
MFD Multi Function Display
MG Multi-Function Symbol Generatoror Motor/Generator Unit
MGT Management
MH Magnetic Heading
MHz Megahertz
MIC(s) Microphone(s)

MIDO Manufacturing Inspection District Office (FAA)
MIL Master Index List
MIL Master Inspection List
MIL SPEC Military Specification
MIN Minimum or Minute(s)
MISO Manufacturing Inspection Satellite Office (FAA)
MKR Marker Beacon
MLA Maneuver Load Alleviation
MLG Main Landing Gear
MLS Microwave Landing System
MM Middle Marker or Maintenance Manual
MMEL Master Minimum Equipment List
MMF Manufacturer's Maintenance Facility (FAA)
MMO Maximum Allowable Mach Number
MNPS Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOB Maintenance Operating Base
MOM Momentary
MON Monitor
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET MOS Field Effect Transistor
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPEL Maximum Permissible Exposure Level
MPP Maintenance Program Proposal
MPT Modular Power Tile
MRB (Quality) Material Review Board
MRB Maintenance Review Board
MRIP Manufacturer's Recommended Inspection Program
MRR Material Review Report
MS Military Standard/Military Specification
MSB Most Significant Bit
MSC Most Significant Character
MSG Message
MSG-3 Maintenance Steering Group 3rd Task Force Aircraft Maintenance Program
MSI Maintenance Significant Item
MSL Mean Sea Level
MSP Maintenance Service Plan
MSR Maximum Specific Range
MSU Mode Select Unit

MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTBM Mean Time Between Maintenance
MTBR Mean Time Between Removals
MTBUR Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removals
MTOGW Maximum Take-Off Gross Weight
MTT Mach Trim Test
MVP Moisture Vapor Protective
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  • N -

Aviation Acronym Description
N North or Newton(s)
N/A Not Applicable,Not Available
N2 HP Compressor Shaft Speed
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NAP Noise Abatement Program
NAS National Aircraft Standard
NAS National Aerospace Standard
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAT North Atlantic
NATA National Air Transportation Association
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAV Navigate or Navigate Mode
NBAA National Business Aircraft Association
NC No Connection or Normally Closed
NC Numerical Control
NCD No Computed Data
NCFR No Cause For Rejection
ND Navigation Display
NDB Non-Directional Beacon or Navigation Data Base
NDI Non-Destructive Inspection
NDT Non-Destructive Test
NDU Navigation Display Unit

NFF No Fault Found
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
NGV Nozzle Guide Vane
NHA Next Higher Assembly

NIC Network Interface Computer
NICAD Nickel Cadmium

NIM Network Interface Module
NIST National Institute for Standards and Technology
NL LP Compressor Shaft Speed
NLG Nose Landing Gear
NM Nautical Mile(s)(6,080feet)
NMC Not Mission Capable
NMR Nonconforming Material Report
NMS Navigation Management System

NO Normally Open
NOC Nav On Course
NORM Normal
NOTAM Notice to Airmen (FAA/CAA)
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FAA)
NRDY NAV Ready (Ready to Navigate)
NRV Non-Return Valve
NRZ Non-Return to Zero
NSRDC Naval Ship Research and Development Center
NTE Not to Exceed
NTO Notice to Operators
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NTSC National Television Systems Committee
NVM Non Volatile Memory
NWS Nose Wheel Steering

NWSU Nose Wheel Steering Unit
NX Next
NZ Navigation Computer
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  • O -

Aviation Acronym Description
O/C On Condition or On Course
OAT Outside Air Temperature
OBS Omni Bearing Selector
OC On Course
ODAR Organizational Designated Airworthiness Representative(s) (FAA)
OHP Overhead Panel
OIS Operational Information Supplement
OLN Operating Limitations Note
OM Outer Marker
OPP Opposite
OPT Optimum
OS Original State
OSC Oscillator
OSS Over Station Sensor
OSU Overspeed Splitter Unit
OTH Over-The-Horizon
OUT Output
OUTBD Outboard

OUTBD Outboard

OVBD Overboard
OVHD Overhead
OVHT Overheat

OVSP Overspeed
OWE Operating Weight Empty
OXY Oxygen

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  • P -

Aviation Acronym Description
P Pressure or Pitot
PAH Production Approval Holder (FAA)
PAMA Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
PAR Precision Approach Radar
PASS Passengers
PAX Passengers
PB Pushbutton
PBIT Power On Built In Test
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PC Performance Computer
PC Production Certificate (FAA)
PCB Production Certificate Board (FAA)
PCN Pavement Classification Number
PCO Production Change Order
PCS Performance Computer System
PCW Previously Complied With
PCWS Pitch Control Wheel Steering
PDB Power Distribution Bus
PDU Power Drive Unit
PED Pedestal
PERF Performance

PFCS Primary Flight Control System
PFD Primary Flight Display(s)

PFDT Primary Flight Display Transfer
PGM Program
PGS Pages

PI Engine Inlet Total Pressure
PI Principal Inspector (FAA)
PIR Pulsed Infrared
PIS Pitot-Static or Pitot Switch
PIT Pitch
PIV Peak Inverse Voltage
PIV Pack Inlet Valve
PJ Pre-Program Planning
PK Peak
PLA Power Lever Angle
PLA Primary Lock Actuator
PLR Production Limitation Record (FAA)
PLS Point Level Sensor
PM Phase Modulation
PMA Parts Manufacturer Approval
PMI Principal Maintenance Inspector (FAA)
PND Pilot's Numerical Display
PNL Panel
POA Purchased on Assembly
POR Point of Regulation
POS Position
PPH Pounds Per Hour
PPI Plan-Position Indicator
PPOS Present Position
PRE Preset
PRESS Pressure
PREV Previous
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRI Primary
PROC Processor
PROC Processor
PROF Profile
PROG Progress
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
PRR Pulse Repetition Rate
PRT Port
PSE Principal Structural Element
PSI Pound(s) Per Square Inch
PSIG Pound(s) Per Square Inch Gauge
PSR Primary Surveillance Radar
PRV Pressure Relief Valve
PSU Passenger Service Unit
PTS Points
PTT Push-to-Talk or Push-To-Test
PV Power Valid
PW Pulse Width
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
PWR Power
PZ Performance Computer
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  • Q -

Aviation Acronym Description
QCDR Quality Control Discrepancy Report
QFE StandardHeight Above Field Elevation
QFP Quiet Flying Procedures
QNE Standard Pressure Altitude of 29.92/1013
QNH Standard Height Above MSL
QRH Quick Reference Handbook
QTP Qualification Test Program/Procedure
QTR Qualification Test Report
QTY Quantity
QUAL Quality or Qualify
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  • R -

Aviation Acronym Description
R Remote,Return,Right or Resistance
R/A Radio Altimeter or Radio Altitude
R/T Receiver-Transmitter,Radio Altimeter or Rate of Turn
RAD Radial,Radiate or Radiation
RAD/BAR Radio and Barometric Altimeter
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
RAM Random Access Memory
RAT Ram Air Turbine
RBL Right Butt Line

RBS Rear Beam Station

RC Rate of Climb (or Change)
RCL Recall
RCPT Receptacle

RCT Rain Echo Attenuation Compensation Technique(React)
RCU Remote Control Unit
RCVR Receiver
RCWS Roll Control Wheel Steering
RDA Remote Diagnostic Analyzer
RDC Remote Data Concentrator
RDR Radar
REER Right Electronic Equipment Rack
REF Reference
RES Resolution
RET Return
RETR Retract
REU Remote Electronics Unit
REV Revision,Reversion or Reverse
RF Radio Frequency

RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RH Right Hand

RIU Remote Interface Unit
RM&A Reliability Maintainability and Availability
RMA Remote Diagnostic Analyzer
RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator
RMR Recommended Maintenance Requirements
RMT Remote
RNAPP RNAV Approach Mode
RNAV Area Navigation
RNG Range
RNP Required Navigation Performance
ROL Roll
ROM Read Only Memory
RON Remain Overnight
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RPS Remote Power Supply

RQAAT Reliability Quality Availability Action Team
RRS Radio Reference Sensor
RSU Radio Select Unit
Rt Right
RTB Return to Base
RTCA Radio Technical Commission Fo rAeronautics
RTO Rejected Take Off
RTU Radio Tuning Unit

RTV Room Temperature Vulcanization
RUD Rudder
RVDT Rotary Voltage Displacement Transducer
RVDT Rotary Variable Differential Transducer

RVR Runway Visual Range
RVSR Reversers (Thrust)
RVT Rotary Variable Transducer
RX Receiver
RZ Return to Zero
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  • S -

Aviation Acronym Description
S South or Static
S/O Shutoff
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAR Search-and-Rescue or Synthetic Aperture Radar
SAT Static Air Temperature
SAT Supplier Access Team
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SAV Starter Air Valve
SB Service Bulletin
SBW Steer By Wire
SC Source Controller or Single Cue
SCAT Speed Command of Attitude and Thrust
SCI Serial Control Interface
SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SCS Single Channel Select
SCU Signal Conditioning Unit
SD Service Digital
SDD Sensor Display Driver(s)

SDI Source Destination Index or Strategic Defense Initiative
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control
SDU Satellite Data Unit
SEC Second(s) or Secondary
SEL Select
SELCAL Selective Calling System
SFC Specific Fuel Consumption
SG Symbol Generator(s)

SGIO Single Generic Input Output
SGP Single Gauging Probe
SHN Shown
SHP Shaft Horse Power
SID Standard Instrument Departure
SIFCU Sub-Idle Fuel Control Unit
SIG Signal
SIM Simultaneous or Simulator
SIN Sine
SING Single
SIPO Serial In-Parallel Out
SLV Slave
SMC Standby Multifunction Controller
SOV Shut Off Valve
SP Space
SPASE Single-Point-Exclusive-Audio-System-Earth
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPD Speed
SPDS Secondary Power Distribution System
SPK Speaker
SPR Single Point Refueling
SQ Squelch
SR Soft Ride
SRM Structural Repair Manual
SRN Short Range Navigation
SSB Single Side Band
SSEC Static Source Error Correction
SSI Structurally Significant Item
SSM Sign Status Matrix
SSPC Solid State Power Controller
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
SSU Signal Switching Unit
STAB Stabilization or Stabilizer
STAEL Station Elevation
STAR Standard Terminal Arrival Route
STBY Standby

STC Supplemental Type Certificate
STCS Single Trim Channel Select
STIC System Text Includes Component
STP Steep
STR Steering
SUBQ Subsequent

SVO Start Valve Open
SVS Service
SW Switch or Software
SWC Stall Warning Computer
SYNC Synchronous or Synchronize(d)
SYNC Synchronization

SYS System
SYSDSPL System Display
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  • T -

Aviation Acronym Description
T TRUE(Heading),Temperature or Transistor
T/CAS Traffic Alert/Collision Avoidance System
T/R Thrust Reverser

TACH Tachometer
TAMB Temperature at Ambient
TARSYN Three Axis Reference Sensor
TAS TRUE Air Speed
TAT TRUE Air Temperature or Total Air Temperature
TAT Total Air Temperature

TC Type Certificate (FAA)
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

TCS Touch Control Steering

TCTO Time Compliance Technical Order
TDP Takeoff Decision Point
TEMP Temperature

TGT Targetor Turbine Gas Temperature
THD Total Harmonic Distortion
TI Intake Total Air Temperature
TIT Turbine Inlet Temperature
TJ Terminal Junction

TK Track or Turn Knob
TK/GS Track Angle/Ground-Speed
TKE Track Angle Error
TKOD Turn Knob Out Of Detent
TLA Torque Limit-Aileron
TLE Torque Limit-Elevator
TLSV Tertiary Lock Solenoid Valve (TR)
TLV Tertiary Lock Valve (TR)
TLX Telex
TM Trim Servo Actuator
TMS Thrust Management System(orSettings)
TO Take-Off
TOC Top-of-Climb
TOD Top-of-Descent
TOGA Take-Off/Go Around
TOT Turbine Outlet Temperature
TP Testpoint
TQA Throttle Quadrant Assembly
TRANS Transistion or Transmit
TRK Track
TRS Thrust Reference System(orSettings)
TRT Takeoff Rated Thrust
TROV Thrust Recovery Outflow Valve
TRU Transformer-Rectifier Unit(s)

TSLV Tertiary Solenoid Lock Valve
TSN Time Since New
TSO Technical Standard Order/Time Since Overhaul
TTG Time-To-Go
TTL Tuned to Localizeror Transistor-Transistor Logic
TURB Turbine

TX Transmitter
TXWRNEN Transmitter Warning Enable
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  • U -

Aviation Acronym Description
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
UD Upper Data
UDI Universal Digital Interface
UHF Ultra High Frequency (300+ mhz)
UPR Upper

UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply
USB Upper Side Band
USB Universal Serial Bus
UTIL Utility
UTM Universal Trans-Mercator(GridProjection)
UUT Unit Under Test
UV Upper Voice or Ultra Violet
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  • V -

Aviation Acronym Description
V&V Verification and Validity
V/IPS Volts/Inch Per Second
VA Volt Ampere
VAC Volt(s)Alternating Current

VAL Valid
VANG Vertical Angle
VAPP VOR Approach Mode
VAR Variable or Variation
VASl (FMSVNAV)Altitude Preselect
VBS Vertical Beam Sensor
VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VERT Vertical
VFlCH (FMSVNAV)Flight level Change
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VG Vertical Gyroscope
VHF Very High Frequency (30-300 mhz)
VLD Valid
VlF Very low Frequency
VM Voltmeter
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
VMO Maximum Allowable Airspeed
VNAV Vertical Navigation
VOL Volume

VOR VHF Omni Range
VOR Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range Radio
VORTAC Collocated VOR and Tacan Stations
VPTH (FMSVNAV)Vertical Path
VRT Vertical
VS Vertical Speed
VSI Vertical Speed Indicator
VSM Vehicle Software Management
VSV Variable Stator Vane
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
VVI Vertical Velocity Indicator
VWS Vacuum Waste System
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  • W -

Aviation Acronym Description
W West,Watts,or Warning
W/ With

W/O Without

WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System
WAI Wing Anti Ice
WAT Weight,Altitude,Temperature
WC Weather Radar Controller
WL Wings level or Waterline
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
WO Wash Out
WOW Weight On Wheels
WPT Waypoint
WR Weather Radar
WRN Warning
WSHLD Windshield

WSS Wheel Speed Sensor
WT Weight
WTBF Wing to Body Faring
WWS Water/Waste System
WX Weather
WXPD Weather Radar Picture Data
WXR Weather Radar
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  • X -

Aviation Acronym Description
X-FER Transfer
XFMR Transformer
XFR Transfer
X-LOAD Crossload
XMIT Transmit
XMTR Transmitter
XPDR Transponder
XT Cross Track
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  • Y -

Aviation Acronym Description
Y Admittance(Reciprocal of Impedance)
Y/D Yaw Damper
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  • Z -

Aviation Acronym Description
Z Zulu Time(GMT) or Zero
ZE Zone Extender
ZFGW Zero Fuel Gross Weight