Cheap Freedom Club is an online visual art museum. It’s open to everyone.

To apply, send

– download link(s) to your image(s)
– a few words about your work
+ optionally:
– text, links, and/or donation method for your page

to cheapfc[at]protonmail[dot]com


– PNG, JPG, or GIF
– maximum file size = 15 MB
– maximum 20 files per artist (for now)
– unlimited text and links

The site is updated once a week.
You can always submit new images to replace old ones of your choice.


I want to accept everyone’s work, but I reserve the right to reject/remove content where I see fit.

I don’t take into account schooling, awards, or gallery representation.

Feel free to share with non-English speakers and apply in other languages. I can arrange translation.

All uploaded content remains yours. (I trust you to only submit work that belongs to you.)

Names are listed in a different random order each week.


Cheap Freedom Club