Appointment to Special Collections

ʻAḳevot = Footprints

PJ5054.P32 A7213 2016 4o

very sparse, slow pacing, empty pages (empty of text but still etched texture)
use left and right, front and back to differentiate English and Hebrew
transluscent textured paper as a book jacket
great touch of texture on cover, book jacket and edge of paper (deckled edge)

Mycket stylig : en bok på både svenska och engleska = Very stylish : a book in both Swedish and English

N7433.4.S356 M93 2007

hollow laser cut on the cover, can flip to change style of the chracter
English translation in (parenthesis), all handwritten letters

Irrläufe : Hundert = Centuria

N7433.4.M353 I77 2019

Printed in red and black on white, with Manganelli's text surrounding cut-outs from various novels.
Manganelli's ouroboric mini novel ... is used bilingual in German and English translations. The two texts run through the accordion book as unbroken lines. The binding structure of the book (printed on both sides) allows to reconnect the text ends to the text beginnings, thus associating an endless (ouroboric) reading

Teach me, star of night! = Lær mig, nattens stjerne!

PT8176.22.A88 L2813 2000

deckled edge
beautiful binding (edge shows stitch binding), book cloth, imprint and indent on bookcloth (burn?)
transluscent paper shows symmetry of both language (designer managed to keep the rag very similar between both languages, but it makes sense because maybe Danish is not more or less concise than English)
white space, pacing
maybe consider transculent paper in my book?
use clear film to test out, then buy vellum?

two pears

no glue or sitch of the pages, just a natural according
sometimes while and black invert to show differences between the two pears
a hard outer case to encase all the pages, then a softer book cover that look as if perfect binding cover