i have no idea how to explain to people that i don't engage in American imperialism or neocolonialism. i don't seek out scammy Multi-level marketing/pyramid scheming opportunities; i don't advance in globalization opportunities to homogeneize goods, services, data, technology, and economic resources of capital to advance global political affairs associated with neo-imperialism (e.g. teaching english in the global south to boster or advance capitalism).

i am not chartering digital expansionism through the form of digital currency or western hegemony online or building emerging multinational corporations. i am not joining predatory large conglomerate financial institutions or multinational corporatist states that will plan or execute military affairs or

contribute to the military-industrial complex engaging with both the government, defense industry, and hollywood to perpetuate propaganda that further the divide between the global north and global south.

the worst thing i probably do is probably going to supermarkets or large conglomerate companies and request if i can have food that they will throw out as 40% of all foods at the retail level goes to the landfill to be thrown out and will contribute to methane that will raise the emission level of greenhouse gases.

sometimes i go to malls and try on clothes but the majority of my closet is secondhand. the only things i buy is probably sanitizer and masks, which are sanitary necessities.

i don't operate on a natalist scale or support initiatives that will bring about suffering or pain to billion of people that are already going to be born without consent into a society that despises them.

it is just i am trying my best every day to survive and try to find the best profession where i don't find myself enlisted in multinational large conglomerate institutions for social evil and a job where i can come home and sleep easily or rest.

it is even harder to explain how labor, even unnecessarily cruel labor that extracts the wealth and lives of animals and immigrants, are precisely jobs that cause suffering too, and they need undereducated/unconscious individuals in society to do jobs that the elites do not want to do :(((

and when i can utilize whatever pooling or resources from external sources, i try to find locations and companies i support that actually pay their workers a living wage.