Two lovers register to be organ donors. Tragically, they both die at a young age. Their eyes are transplanted into two other people, strangers, who of course run into each other on the street, look into each others' eyes, and fall in love at first sight. BUT, they find they really don't get along with each other and break up. But soon afterward, one of them is trapped in a fire and the other one happens to be there and saves their life. They get back together and this time have a child. But the old personality conflicts return as the realities of their mundane employment set in. They go through marriage counseling, and it turns out the counselor was the former doorman for the apartment where the original eye donors briefly lived. He recognizes their eyes, but he can't say anything because it turns out that he was secretly in love with one of the donators. And looking at those corneas again, all these years later, he realizes he's still in love with her. He can never bring himself to say anything about it, but he does successfully sabotage their marriage. Later they run into each other at a bar and he tries to see if there's a spark there between them, but there really isn't much there. He's very drunk, and ends up telling her that he sabotaged their marriage, not through anything that he said per se, but definitely by not saying what he should have said in his marriage counselor role. The eye donation receivers once again get back together, but this time they begin fighting from the first instant they reunite. They fight and fight, but by this time they're pretty old and there's little chance of finding anyone else out there and they'd rather not be alone, so they just stay together and talk about their eyeballs.

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