Counterpoint is the collaborative practice of Samuel Diggins and Tero Parviainen.

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'Montreal Friend Scale', 2022
A series of 500 audiovisual artworks presented in the Art Blocks Curated Collection, with and for Amon Tobin.
⮑ medium.com/the-link-art-blocks/in-conversation-with-amon-tobin-7bb6b1bc3faa

'Sound of the Earth: Chapter 3', 2022
Installation connecting global user-submitted sounds via machine learning, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram/Google Arts & Culture for Triennale Milano 2022
⮑ soundoftheearth.org

'Roland50 Studio', 2022
Online versions of iconic instruments for Roland's 50th anniversary, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Roland.
⮑ musictech.com/news/roland50-studio-free-tb-303-tr-808-sh-101
⮑ roland50.studio

'Daydream' (TBA), 2021
Short film with an interactive narrative, for Amy Croft.
⮑ daydreamonline.art

'Global Sequencer', 2021
Digital sequencer utilising user-submitted sounds, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Hamamatsu Festival/UNESCO.
⮑ designweek.co.uk/issues/13-19-december-2021/yuri-suzuki-global-sequencers
⮑ globalsequencer.com

'Rituals', 2021
Generative music system to accompany blockchain artworks, with Justin Boreta and Aaron Penne for Bright Moments.
⮑ opensea.io/collection/rituals-venice-by-aaron-penne-x-boreta
⮑ ritualsirl.com

'Sonic Bloom', 2021
Generative audiovisual flower garden, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Grosvenor Estates.
⮑ dezeen.com/2021/08/23/sonic-bloom-yuri-suzuki-connects-people-sounds-london
⮑ sonicbloommayfair.com

'The Visitors', 2021
Article interactive revisiting Ragnar Kjartansson’s multimedia masterpiece, for Washington Post.
⮑ wapo.st/visitors

'Cabin Fever', 2021
24 hour generative visuals for Esmeralda Conde-Ruiz.
⮑ thesampler.org/news-opinion/cabin-fever
⮑ cabinfever24hours.com

'Sound Bubbles', 2021
Interactive audio prototypes with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for SPACE10.
⮑ space10.com/project/ee-privacy-trust
⮑ space10.ctpt.co/bubble

'MUBI Remix', 2021
AI-driven video remix app, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for MUBI.
⮑ itsnicethat.com/articles/pentagram-yuri-suzuki-mubi-remix-digital-film-060521
⮑ mubi.com/remix

'808303.studio', 2021
Online versions of iconic instruments, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Roland and the Design Museum.
⮑ creativeboom.com/inspiration/808303-studio
⮑ 808303.studio

'Art Gifts' 2021
Platform for gifting pandemic festival performances, for Helsinki Festival.
⮑ helsinkifestival.fi/en/art-gifts-open-source
⮑ taidelahja.helsinkifestival.fi/en

'Leimma' + 'Apotome', 2021
Generative music environment for microtonal tuning systems, for Khyam Allami and CTM Festival. Winner of the Isao Tomita Special Prize at Ars Electronica 2021.
⮑ pitchfork.com/thepitch/decolonizing-electronic-music-starts-with-its-software
⮑ ctm-festival.de/festival-2021/programme/features/apotome
⮑ isartum.net

'HYPHA', 2020
Generative mushroom typeface with Luke Powell and Jody Hudson-Powell/Pentagram for Somerset House.
⮑ itsnicethat.com/news/pentagram-counterpoint-hypha-typeface-digital-301120
⮑ pentagram.com/work/mushrooms-the-art-design-and-future-of-fungi
⮑ hyphahypha.com

'Sound Of The Earth: The Pandemic Chapter', 2020
Installation accompaniment exploring globally submitted sounds, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Dallas Museum of Art.
⮑ dezeen.com/2020/06/12/yuri-suzuki-sound-of-the-earth-pandemic-chapte-vdf
⮑ globalsound.dma.org

'The Welcome Chorus', 2019
Interactive installation combining sound, sculpture and AI, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for the Turner Contemporary. Lumen Prize 2021 shortlist.
⮑ pentagram.com/work/the-welcome-chorus/story
⮑ creativeapplications.net/maxmsp/the-welcome-chorus-the-voice-of-a-community

'Face the Music', 2019
Make music with your face, a holiday card with Yuri Suzuki for Pentagram.
⮑ designboom.com/art/yuri-suzuki-pentagram-holiday-card-makes-music-with-your-face-12-18-2019
⮑ facethemusic.io

'Robot Choir', 2019
AI-driven audio installation accompanied by 2,500 choristers with Tytti Arola for Helsinki Festival.
⮑ hs.fi/kulttuuri/art-2000006204293.html
⮑ twitter.com/ctpt_studio/status/1162002225843048449

'Bit Tripper', 2019
Million-character generative typeface and curation tool for YACHT.
⮑ eyeondesign.aiga.org/when-artificial-intelligence-becomes-an-artform
⮑ bit-tripper.ctpt.co

'Wavepaths', 2019 to present
Generative music platform for psychedelic therapy.
⮑ rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/hot-digital-shaman-new-app-wavepaths-guides-users-through-therapeutic-trips-129396
⮑ wavepaths.com

'Digital Electronium', 2019
Reviving Raymond Scott's instantaneous performace-composition machine, with Yuri Suzuki for the Barbican.
⮑ fastcompany.com/90340863/the-father-of-electronic-musics-lost-instrument-has-finally-been-built
⮑ thewire.co.uk/in-writing/essays/sound-artist-yuri-suzuki-on-reconstructing-raymond-scott-electronium