🕸 meet me in the loom; weaving the main repository of research, manuals, and examples from the beginning of my weaving journey— could use a deep clean sometime soon
🌼 loomlog an irregular visual feed of work/findings from my own practice, in lieu of instagram
🕸 critical textilities building up a theoretical foundation+contextualization for my encounters with weaving
🕸 visitations from the higher textile plane stunning textiles, especially garments, that i am drawing inspiration from
🕸 countermatrix where visitations is about objects i want to make, countermatrix is about vibes i want to bring to bear on my physical embodiment, a motivating undercurrent for all the rest
🕸 weaving prompts a fun and flirty prompts channel, please feel free to contribute!
🕸 how weavers write compares the explanations and descriptions of some of the online weavers i come across
🕸 tfw sappho 102 compiles translations of a #relatable sappho fragment about, well, weaving and crushing

special mention: 🐞 zazzle the opposite of a slow and considered weaving process

💐 map of the meet me in the loom garde