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Explore ideas over time

Build your own knowledge community is a platform for collaborative and independent research.

On you collect, connect and contextualize information collaboratively. People use it to save text, images, links, files, PDFs, etc into flexible containers called channels. Our users have started channels to gather materials for news articles, build business ideas, do academic research and start creative projects.
Collect blocks of content (links, images, text or files) and gather them into collections called channels.
Connect blocks in infinite ways between channels
Create open call channels or invite friends to a private channel
Adjust privacy and permissions on individual channels
Use channels as your personal content management system
Add blocks with our bookmarklet, add via email, or programatically via our API. Export channels as a PDF, HTML, a ZIP file and more

Connect information, together

Our intention behind is to build a platform that helps people continually recontextualize information into new ideas and help us all understand the vast amount information we face on a daily basis.

As a society, we should think about what mainstream tools we have for unpacking our own perspectives. Is "sharing" enough? "Likes"? What happens to the things you shared last year? And how can the tools we build today help you understand how your thinking has changed over time?