A representation of the Flower Clock described by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in Philosophia Botanica (1751). Linnaeus proposed that such a clock could tell time through the arrangement of plants whose flowers open and close at particular times of day

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‍ Are we co-creators of reality? With 25 modern theories of #Time , we explore the possibilities of the shifting nature of time, the mysteries of the cosmos, and the nature of our own consciousness.

Digital physics and its #chronons, and the theory of time as a computational process, suggest that time is not as simple as a ticking clock but rather a series of discrete snapshots in the cosmic program.

Multiverse theory and the many-worlds theory suggest that time may be a property of individual universes, but the true nature of time may transcend the confines of our perceived reality.

The relational #quantum mechanics theory describes time as a property of the relationship between an observer and a physical system, blurring the lines between the subject and object and the past and present. ‍

The #holographic principle suggests that the entire universe can be thought of as a hologram, with time as an illusion emerging from the information encoded on the universe's boundary.

Entropic time suggests that time emerges from the increase in entropy or disorder in the universe, with time as a consequence of the universe's tendency to move from order to disorder.

timetravel theory challenges the linear flow of time and suggests time may be more fluid than we think, allowing for the possibility of navigating through different timelines.

The #present moment theory posits that only the present moment is real, and past and future are constructs, with time as a constantly shifting, dynamic experience.

The #arrowoftime describes the universe's one-way flow, with past different from the future, and time moving inexorably forward.

Chaostheory and its strange attractors suggest that time is nonlinear, characterized by sensitive dependence on initial conditions, with small differences in the initial conditions leading to vastly different outcomes over time.

The #manyworlds theory and the transactional interpretation describe the universe as an infinite web of transactions and parallel universes, with every decision creating new timelines and endless possibilities.

The theory of time as a #geometric structure, like the block universe theory, describes time as a property of the fabric of spacetime and suggests time can be bent and warped by mass and energy.

The #Wheeler-DeWitt equation and the timeless universe theory suggest that the universe exists outside of time and that time is an emergent property of the universe.

The #presentism theory posits that only the present moment is real, and the past and future are illusory constructs.

The theory of #cosmic-inflation suggests that the universe underwent a period of rapid expansion in its early stages, and that time may have different properties depending on the scale or context in which it is observed.

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Dusk for sandwich bots? A few top mev bots were targetted in block
@peckshield @BlockSecTeam @bertcmiller @samczsun @bbbb

@peckshield @BlockSecTeam @bertcmiller @samczsun @bbbb This block only contains 8 sandwich bundles but the transaction is being replaced

The total loss is around 15M at https://etherscan.io/address/0x3c98d617db017f51C6A73a13E80E1FE14cD1D8Eb which is funded from Aztec

It could be a rogue validator as the proposer is also funded from Aztec

20M now...

could be the major turning point for the entire MEV ecosystem.

looks like a well-planned attack. becoming a validator 18 days ago, prepared the tokens 16 days ago

a lot of details need to be examined. victims are triggered by pairs that are also created and 'addLiquidity' by the hacker

Apr 3, 2023, 6:11:46 AM

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🚨BREAKING: Tesla owners will now be charged for driving their cars at night.

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Mar 25, 2023, 7:07:49 PM

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