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many, generous interlocutors and co-writers. The map has loads of audio and video and downloadable print content on SPINE CIRCULATION GUTS THROAT BONUS: BONES
Collective and solitary writing on the published body, a dissection of the book as flesh--a product of thought, physical labor, and collective experience. This body most definitely has organs. It is not removed from its potential because it has organic limits, messes, functions to dispense, publics to serve. These organs have agency and may be removed without endangering the survival of the body/public, each organ could even be a body/book in itself.
This choose-your-own-adventure ASCII mixtape sits next to input by Baruch Gottlieb, we will both be circling the topic of DIS/CONTINUITIES: Digital Cultures of Education. Sort of fitting as much of what has been written and ASCII-mapped, if not all of it, came from the depths of pandemic zoomocracy. This particular rabbit hole helped me survive and even enjoy the limits and limitlessness of learning as a digital body.
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