1. WIDTH: Position is merely a contingent expression of zero qua the eternal, insofar as the eternal is simultaneously the intensional tendency of the eternal to remain expressionless in itself indefinitely and the extensional proclivity to posit and 

initiate change. Negation, accordingly, far from being a forced dialectical counter-act to position is the natural expression of the eternal to remain indifferent, expressionless and frozen for eternity. It is the indifference (rather than opposition) to the act of position. The pair ‘+ and ‒’ is the complete expression of the eternal in its contingency, since contingency is not only baseless change but also baseless fixity and frozenness. ‘+ and ‒’: mark of difference and mark of indifference or remaining in the continuity of the eternal (0 → 0), concomitantly, express the contingency of the eternal. The coupling of position and negation, or the full contingent expression of zero qua the eternal is the beginning of speculative cruelty: evocation of minus in the face of plus or subtraction. The spatial schema of contingency as the broad scope of the eternal is width. Being a field of a compass (as opposed to a ruler), width broadens the scope, opens up speculative fields built upon the contingency of the eternal and intensive-extensive, abstract-concrete distribution of forms implicit to the operation of subtraction. Just as ‘+ ‒’ translates nature into a polarized bar of magnet, width as a field of compass translates contingency into a basic configuration of a voltaic coil.
Width and its variations (0’s pull-back or subtraction, distancing, and width as the circular or open embrace of the compass).