🦋 liberatory references what people are thinking, saying, and doing together in order to move into the world they want. the long historical tail on this is vitality important, and all the linked channels are worth jumping into.
🦋 abolitionist starter pack an evolving quickstart to some concepts of prison-industrial complex abolition; incomplete amuse-bouche to liberatory references
🦋 disposability futures documentation and analysis of the construction and disposal of surplus populations through policing, torture, detention, and environmental injustice; functionally, proof of irredeemability
🦋 community accountability strategies open list for brainstorming concrete interpersonal safety actions and agreements, after INCITE! and Creative Interventions; explicitly not "alternatives" to police

🐛 art, webs, matter theory, broadly, including Black studies, ideas about the body and the state, narrative, poetry, ontology, etc.
🐛 hors d'oeuvre a small selection of standout texts, many of which inform my understanding of race, colonialism, and futurity
🦋 mazel tov cocktail the very beginning of a channel about radical left Judaism
🦋 whiteness as spiritual death the beginning of a channel accounting for the literal cost of whiteness and what white people need to do to literally dismantle it
🦋 tenants rights the very beginning of a channel about housing
🦋 Israel-Palestine the parallels here with the US are strong and becoming increasingly informative
🦋 things happening in pittsburgh a spotlight on BLM actions in Pittsburgh

💐 map of the liberatory references gar…