Theme and concept (intro?)

The world is beauty

A system based on growth, such as capitalism, is inherently going to work against the environment. We need a new system of worth, a new metric.

There is always a need for hope, and there is hope.

Reverence, an almost holy word, can only accurately be applied to the awe inspiring world we have around us. It is amazing we have been able to create so much and it is amazing what we have used to grow. Growth is not the metric of progress, however.
this whole conversation creates contradictions
Cities make sense, they allow a large group to effectively live near one another sharing supplies, space, resources, and technology to more efficiently support life. Cities don't always make sense and can lead to poor living conditions, strained resources, sanitation issues, and issues with social status and economic disparity.
Electric cars make sense, they are personal transportation that produces no direct emissions. Electric cars won't help yet, they are a necessary transition that will not help our environment until the broader energy grid is updated to a greener system.
Recycling makes sense, reusing products or parts of products that have come to the end of their use cycle is an effective use of time and resources. Recycling does not make sense in most applications as many places do not have the facilities to accomplish this task, creating plastic stockpiles or exported heaps of bottles, cans, and paper.
Eating organic and plant based products makes sense, cutting out the middle-animal and providing enough food to reach everyone on earth. Veganism is not always accessible, keeping many from being able to contribute.

Systems can change however, and regardless of flaws we must work for progress outside of the lens of growth. Fostering systems that replenish and focus on sustainable intercourse is necessary.

Theme and concept (intro?)