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An image of a specific location, paired with a brief handwritten message.

A recorded motion picture that acts as a container to relay information about a person, place, object or event that exists in reality.

A network of structured sharing of physical or digital artifacts or ideas.

A collection of food specifically arranged to provide nourishment and/or bring people together for a specific duration.

Moving sequences on a screen, built to narrate an idea or inspire action through dynamic, fast-paced visuals.

An informal, easily reproduced, brief publication expressing a point of view using text, images or both.

Provides an audio experience on a variety of topics that can be subscribed to and downloaded

Visuals, sounds, and text combined to provide context for a film’s narrative and tone in its first few minutes.

An intimate family gathering, building community and providing a tactile experience of eating rice and meat.

An image-based or typographic mark that symbolically identifies a specific entity.

A narrative edited to visually communicate the director’s point of view through a series of moving images.

A silent, short, digital looping sequence of images.

Software housed on a handheld mobile device that provides a range of services.

A gathering that features a series of lectures on a specified academic topic, with the intention of generating discussion and spreading knowledge.

A long-term plan and approach used consistently across multiple channels, in order to create a particular image, culture, and experience.

An immersive, durational experience referencing, or using, sound to express an idea.

A small sticker, used as official evidence of payment, and necessary to mail a message, that depicts cultural identity.

An unbound large sheet publication issued at regular and close intervals to spread news and build trust.

A staged display of exclusive, curated objects shown in an institutional structure to educate and inspire.

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