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In the last analysis, this is how we should understand the "nonaction" of the sage. Of, to be more precise, the fact that he can "act without taking action." What might have seemed a paradox now dissolves: the sage "acts," we are told, but does so "before reality is yet actualized”. Action certainly does take place but upstream; and it happens so far upstream that it is not noticed. For instead of trying to manage reality by grappling with it head-on and hoping to succeed by dint of great exploits, a sage knows (and he who knows is a sage) that it is always necessary to pass through a process in order to reach an effect.

François Jullien - A Treatise on...

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Theme: Narrative structures

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On a man there is what is called a head. This shall be referred to by calling it toil or burden of the neck, land of helmet and hat and brains, of hair and eyebrows, scalp, ears, eyes, mouth...Without periphrasis the head is called skull, brainpan, temple, crown. Eyes are called sight and glance and look, aimers. They may be referred to by calling them sun or moon, shields and glass or jewels or stone of eyelashes or eyebrows, eyelids or forehead. Ears are called auricles and hearing. They shall be referred to by calling them land or by any of the terms for earth or mouth or channel or sight or eyes of the hearing, if allegory is being used.


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Hybrid Organizations

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ApArt: All assets

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Theme: De-entrainment

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All research materials for: Moving in Multiple...

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Platform Design, Dynamics & Logics

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Digital Imaginaries / Ontologies

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Spirulina diy

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Technologies of The Self

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