Final Project Proposal Worksheet

As you begin to generate ideas and content for your final project proposal, you will need to create a 20x20 slideshow presentation to introduce your final project to your classmates and faculty.

Use this sheet to guide your proposal. Be as detailed as possible in your answers.

What do you intend to investigate in the courseof your project? What is your primary interest? What concerns you?

Who are you and why is this project important to you? Who is your audience? Why is this the group of people you intend to address? What are their characteristics? How will their outlook and position impact the way they consume your project?

Where will your project reside? What are the characteristics of the medium and/or format that are important for your project? What are the conventions of this medium and/or format and how can you surpass them?

Why is this project relevant? What social, political, economic, environmental, formal, historical concerns does it address? Why is it important to address these concerns?

Create a detailed timeline for your project. Create goals and plot your desired outcomes on a calendar. Do not end your calendar with the end of the semester. Create a long-term plan for your project.

What methodologies, techniques, materials, and approaches are appropriate for this project? Don’t be prescriptive as to your results, but please consider what certain approaches mean considering your desired outcome.

Discuss projects that are similar to your own. Provide historical, social, and political context to your project by investigating the work of other designers & artists.

(adapted from Final Project Proposal Worksheet, Julie Cho)

Final Project Proposal Worksheet