"after the experience I've had with
working with both children and adults
with computers and at least dabbling in
the areas of learning and education I
think that the the one of the best ways
of thinking of a computer is very
similar to thinking of what a piano
means in teaching music and the piano
have can amplify musical impulse we can
only sing with with one voice if we want
to play a four-part fugue we have to use
some something mechanical like a piano
to do it and it can be done very
beautifully but for most people the
piano has been the biggest thing to turn
millions of people away from music for
the rest of their lives and I think the
way to sum it up is just to say that all
musicians know that the music isn't in
the piano if it were we'd have to let it
boat and because of that that says in
any situation where education and
learning is involved that you first have
to develop a curriculum based on ideas
not on media the media can be amplifiers
of those ideas but you have to have the
ideas first and I think the reason
computers have failed is that almost
everybody no matter which way they try
and use computers have wanted the
computer to be some sort of magic
ointment over the super ating wound of
bad concepts and I think as soon as
people get what we saw is an amazing
learning experience in the kendo a
tennis experience and that is something
that can extend and be amplified by
machines and especially computers but
first we have to have the ideas
you" — from "Why does computer-based teaching fail?"