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(a "Dissolve")

building and evolving environments.
The phenomena of re-formation of information (between the virtual and material) as a formal process embeds continuing education into a studio art practice (to investigate new possibilities of how a studio art practice interacts with its web-presence).
I often use basic organization or the sorting of direct reference to image and texts as composition in my work. I have a loose system of constant re-appropriation of found and produced information/objects. In my channels, I can set into motion my inventory of moments by connecting and equivocating them to a collection of influences. I'm interested in the formal synthesis that happens in these environments (channels) and see parallels with sending images of artwork into the network and how I bring content into a composition -- aesthetics, free association, and play dissolve stagnant hierarchies and start to create a certain intuition or flow of information. This morphology applies an agency over intellectual property and gives insight to new implications of content.
This method of appropriation is common among social media archivers and memers dealing with relatability. I'm interested in how my studio work in reaction to this channel can serve as a kind of psuedo-modernist prototype for decoding or unraveling precarious knowledge (as means of exploration, not destruction). For me, this topic in relation to my work can explore a type of rhythm or synchronicity that may have surprising, unexpected maybe even nonsensical outcomes that will be interesting within the project of

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