Error 400: Attributes per element limit exceeded

Hello ! I am trying to figure out what the above error means.

I am working on arena-mixer a music player with visual features.

I am trying to make an authenticated request with arena API V2 to:
the first page loads successfully but when I try to access page 2 with

I have the following error:
{"code":400,"message":"Bad Request","description":"Attributes per element limit exceeded"}

This error does not happen all the time, it is unpredictable and I have seen it before. It has been happening since yesterday. I also noticed that this error happens across different applications powered by are.na.

For instance on arena-multiplexer when I try to fetch my channels next to the search bar (the hamburger menu) it loads indefinitely and in the network tab I can see that it is the same error.

This error also happens on arena-mixer when I select the middle page button <user> channels after login in the top right corner.

Please let me know if there are things to consider when making such a request. Any directions would be greatly appreciated ⚑︎

Meanwhile I will try using V2/search or V3/search to fetch user's channels.

Also not sure if this is the right place for this block. Let me know

Thanks !


Hi I'm looking for tiny bit of help building a channel overview on my website.


I got everything working, now I'm just looking to display the latest blocks first ( right now its the oldest blocks connected to the channel)

Please someone have a clue?
Thanks 🌟