also see: community best practices
living block: use as practice

using as a way to practice amateur scholarship + librarianship, being a generous scribe

a question strewn about, somewhere: what are the limits of this tool and how can I embrace them? How can my use of this tool be a gift for others looking to develop their own practices of learning and caring

as this block notes, curating knowledge is a habit/skill/practice that's become much more prominent & important.

but i wonder how can our use of explanatory, contextual info better tell the story of how we gather these artifacts and bits of knowledge? is there a way to tell the story of the gathering process? (maybe this is me telling myself that i should develop an user guide asap β€” first priority before i start using it)

thinking about conversations with folks on IG about archives, how cautious (if at all) should we be when curation morphs into fact fetishism?

to what extent is the curator an author β€” need taste be credited to recognize people who happen to see something first? how does this relate to our larger remix culture (and maybe even the much looser crediting conventions when we share memes)

this also has me thinking about the amount of stuff that i instinctively upload here β€” how can i set boundaries with this tool/platform, or rather β€” how can i create limitations, a set of guiding principles for my use of when being premium means i have a virtually "unlimited" number of blocks?

radiating impact & reflection, ston…

Last April we did cleaning day / spring cleaning… this year I am going to turn all of my channels green for the spring season. I want things to cross pollinate, grow, and get messy.

Last year was about order and tidying up, I want this year to be about joyful chaos.

Please add blocks to my channels! I am going to make an effort to add more blocks to green channels - its something I have been unconsciously timid about in the past (don’t want to mess up a good channel, don’t want to overstep, etc.)

Going Green 🌱