1. The only tool for organizing notes and bookmarks and inspiration that’s ever met my needs.
  2. A holdout against algorithms and manufactured outrage.
  3. At risk of succumbing to too much spam a-la Craigslist.
  4. A place where I still waste more minutes of my life everyday than I’d prefer, but after which I nonetheless don’t feel like I want to die (as opposed to Instagram.)

A black hole of content that you feel good about exploring; endless rabbit holes of information and human connection; what I want the internet to be

Everything not saved will be lost. —Nintendo “Quit Screen” message

if you love to download pdfs you will never read, you will love it there

a rabbit hole where you can observe a word, image, or idea being interpreted and reinterpreted in countless ways by different people

the only place you can do people-watching online

my room :)

Hyperlink society at its best.

Arena feels like a safe haven and pure source for culture, agnostic to touch as with such minimal grace blocks fulfil my spirit and shadow. It allows me to realize my journey in embodying my practice as a tree, with roots, trunk, branches and leaves. At core, a block can be institutional grade (depending on where I am in a coil) or even as a divine practice (to connect messages to gods and people). Finding your people is a joy.

I am bewildered by this place, yet accompanied by a sense of relief and pleasure.
I have always wanted to share the things I find beautiful and intriguing, so I tried various social networks. Tumblr was the one that suited me best. As time passed, Instagram became a vital network for someone like me who works with visuals, serving as a sort of business card.

It was a lot of fun and still is, but there's a caveat. The fun lies in the "socializing" aspect, not a place for an empty inner monologue. It took me a while to understand that. Tumblr completely covered that part, but then ads were inserted, and I was asked to remove a photo of my son playing naked in the sea, changing the atmosphere at some point. After a while, when I excluded the Dashboard, the posts displayed on the Feed looked different from before. It no longer felt like a place for inner monologue.
I decided to use Instagram as a replacement for Tumblr. I mixed in posts of my work with fragments of my private thoughts,...

i feel like these days, the way we live right now, enables us, offers us even, all of this information, we can google anything, learn so so much, all of this knowledge at our fingertips.. maybe to some extent it’s too much, in a sense that you learn something so interesting about a totally random thing, like a statue in an alley catches ur eye and you look it up on wikipedia, find out about a heart-wrenching life story of its author and you can tell a small circle of people but at the end, how can you make it live forever? how can you ensure that the story gets told, saved somewhere? i think that’s what i love about are.na, documenting all of these rabbit holes i venture off to, the feeling, the care seeps from the channels of my friends and it is just so pure

Since the dawn of my digital journey, Tumblr has been my cherished companion, a canvas for my digital dreams. Yet, in the dance of expression, Instagram emerged as the dominant force, capturing the realm of external beauty. Still, Tumblr held a unique magic, a spell I couldn't break.

In search of inner peace, I ventured into the private sanctuaries of Instagram, only to find a restless soul.

Then came Are.na, a new SPACE. With a heart full of gratitude, I gently close the chapters of my private Instagram and Tumblr, embracing a new horizon.

made for combat ⚔️

A24 Pinterest

A network of cool caves. Some big, some small, some connected to many others, some beautiful and others intellectual. Browsing is like wandering.

a deep tissue brain massage

hey y'all, we finally found alice's rabbit hole

A website with a wishing well

all my channels are private

i feel like i can make an imprint of my brain

+ 368 more blocks