Bug with channel filter:
- have a premium account
- go to any channel (e.g. Feature Requests)
- enter a user's name in the filter box (e.g. "Sam Hart")
- you will see all blocks user has added to this channel
- hover on any block, and it will say "Connected by a few seconds ago"

Basically it hides the name of the person who connected, and says every block was connected a few seconds ago!

Added by Toby Shorin
Updated 12 hours ago

The new home page is incredibly good

Added by Édouard U.
Updated 3 days ago

Would love if after dragging an image into the bookmarklet, the focus moved to the channel selector box (instead of me having to click it to type)

Added by Lukas WP
Updated 5 days ago

Hi! First of all, thank you, I looove this platform. Three things

  1. It would be awesome if we could have text formatting options when copying our own text: font (serifs, sans serifs), font size, thickness, italics, alignment etc.

  2. If I like more than one image on the same webpage, it would be cool if I could drop all of them at once (using the bookmarklet).

  3. The option to select many blocks at once and be able to edit or connect them to other channels etc.



Added by Anne-Marie Mulumba
Updated 5 days ago

Bug: Quora question links aren't saving correctly

Added by Cecilia B
Updated 9 days ago

Is anyone else having trouble with deleting channels?

Sometimes, it's just a (worrying 5-10 second delay). Other times, I click 'Yes' (I am sure) and there is no reaction at all.

Also, when I am a collaborator (but not owner) of a channel, I am given the option to delete it, even though that option doesn’t ultimately work.

Issues with Deleting Channels

Added by Carson Salter
Updated 11 days ago

Nothing here yet...

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