search in managae channels is broken. I search for TT-L.... and have 0 results even though the channel TT-Learning exists:



I have the same problem in the bookmarklet. Currently it displays only channels I recently used, search is basically non functional, but I dont know whats going on there exactly. It simply doesn't show me many channels when I search for them.

Also the manage channel search seems to be returning not all results? Very odd:

see following screenshots:

I have way more channels with TT- or tt-

Added by Thomas Traum
Updated 2 days ago


The premium search tool seems to be displaying incorrect results when the string "the" is at the beginning of the search query.

E.g. searching for the channel called "The Actual School" on our page does not return the channel called "The Actual School". If "The" is omitted the correct channel is returned.

The global search function doesn't seem to have the same problem. Queries that begin with other articles or conjunctions such as "a", "an", "for", "and" don't seem to have the same problem either.

It's kind of a trivial bug, but it's causing some specifically generated api queries to fail on an app I'm building.

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Updated 2 days ago

did you change captions to markdown from html?

Added by Bryce Wilner
Updated 4 days ago

high-volume activity roll-ups.

feel like I'm spamming everyone when I connect a ton of blocks at once. after a certain number maybe the summary could become more dense?

Added by Sam Hart
Updated 3 days ago

Also could there be the ability to connect channels to other channels in the 'manage channels' area ?

Added by M E
Updated 5 days ago

I think I've mentioned something similar to this before but is it possible if you're adding a link that is redundant to one already added to automatically add it as a connection rather than a separate block?

Added by M E
Updated 5 days ago

Nothing here yet...

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