in lightbox view, only loaded blocks will be displayed. at the end of the block list, add call to fetch remaining blocks.

Added by Sam Hart
Updated 5 days ago

looks like the channel selectors get cut off a bit on the right on the [small iphone](http://www.apple.com/iphone-se/).

new view looks great though!

iphone SE screenshot

Added by Sam Hart
Updated 7 days ago

Saving a channel URL should probably convert it to a first class channel representation rather than a link block

Added by Damon Zucconi
Updated 11 days ago

this is on /following btw

Clicking "unfollow" in list view goes...

Added by Lukas WP
Updated 11 days ago

block quotes in text blocks are broken

Added by Sam Hart
Updated 18 days ago

it would be cool if you could make a channel that behaves as an alias folder, like if you start with a larger set of research and then you want to create a subset of research that takes a different direction but you want everything in the subset to be included in the umbrella channel AND you want to have its blocks similarly organized by date in the larger channel, then an "alias channel" of sorts would take away the need to copy the contents by hand in order to get the same effect. I know every channel is or can be an alias, but I'm just referring to the behavior of embedded Chanel blocks (because an embedded channel is organized by the creation or modified date as a whole). silly because i've already thought of a few big problems this would present, but i still wish i could occasionally have the blocks of embedded channels be organized within the larger channel beyond their container

Added by Martin Murphy
Updated 18 days ago

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