spitball idea...would be cool if you could make smart channels like itunes smart playlists. you could tell them what type of things to look for in specific channels or from specific people. like 'all pdfs from channels with word 'architecture' in title'

Added by Christopher Roeleveld
Updated 22 minutes ago

Connect-to-channel and main search should heavily weight exact slug matches (potentially with quotes).


Search: morgan-sutherland/cybernetics

Always returns that channel as first match.

Added by Sam Hart
Updated 3 days ago

Eagerly anticipating the day when I can somehow add channels to other channels from my phone. :)

Also, sometimes I give Are.na half my screen in a web browser, which I guess is like tablet view, and I lose some useful parts of the channel page. I miss them when they're gone.

Added by Zach Rose
Updated 6 days ago

clicking on a comment notification doesn't take you to the comment.

Added by Christopher Roeleveld
Updated 14 days ago

following people from a search result doesn't display the proper follow-to-following state change.

Added by Sam Hart
Updated 19 days ago


you can add blocks to `Followers`?!

Added by Frederic Brodbeck
Updated 21 days ago

Nothing here yet...

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