Project III: Service

Inventions of the industrial age were some kind of goods. Let’s say one of the most iconic one among these is the light bulb. It was valued as an industrial product with its use value to produce light out of electricity, not as a tool sell electricity or not as a symbol for social status. As the digital technology industries take the lead, digitalization of communication, production and consumption created a paradigm shift for what was called as invention. This paradigm shift can be analyzed from various perspectives but within the context of this project we will argue that the inventional products of the digital industry age are more in the forms of services rather than being in the form of physical products. Of course it may also be argued that these services are empowered by gadgets or the gizmos, technological physical products in various forms but apparently services have the larger share in the total value of these services.

Archimedes’ experience at the moment of the invention of his hydrostatic principles is a proof of that, new ideas can arise when the conscious mind turns away from the subject or problem, when the inventor’s focus is on something else, or while relaxing or sleeping. In fact this is partly valid for a designer, the valid part is the existence of a problem. Than the rest is up to your problem solving manners.

This project will be a second chapter in the idea of ‘research driven design’ in which the research process will help you to develop the concept and define the context and the present the idea.


Leverage Points, Places to Intervene in a System by Donella Meadows –


For this final, project you are asked to solve a self defined problem by designing a service inspired by all techniques and discussions covered over the last two semesters.